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Room to chaos to peace to death
I look around the room. Not just any room, a metaphorical room, or that is at least what I think. What do I know? Well quite frankly I know nothing; there is no way to be certain I do know anything. If I know that I know nothing, then I do in fact know something--that something being nothing.
What is purpose? What is us? Who are we? What is this room? Light or Darkness? Everything or Nothing? Beginning or Middle or End? Real or Fake? These are opposites. Balance. They are balanced, but how? How does the universe achieve this balance?
The universe is a flow of chaos, anarchy and irregularities. Many people disagree with this, because they claim things have an order such as: society, science, religion, and many other aspects of life--our life. This is a clear distinction. Humanity has found order in what we think we know. What we understand. Science yes, has an order, because we gave it one. Finding patterns and repetition is what us humans look for. This gives stability, routine, and order to our lives; something each human carves. Each human carves this sense of security. The fear of change. Humans are so scared of change that they even deny and argue that it is irrational to fear change, but within their own argument they prove how they are terrified of change. Why is this? Simple answer links back to humanity needs a rock, an anchor, stability. It needs this in order to feel secure and allows humanity to be at ease. People fear anarchy. They fear not having control and they fear what could happen if things radically change. Humans only know what they think they know in the moment. They are terrified of what they could find or learn that could change their reality and view of life. People are scared. This is why philosophy is pushed away to the back burner. Why people look down at philosophy thinking it is dumb and just question existence and other “truths” of reality. People do not like this. They do not like when someone finds something that causes change. It destroys the sense of security we have in what we “know.” People do not want someone to prove that we do not know they think we know, or prove that there is no god, or prove that science is not factual. This would shake the world. Shake each and every person. This would cause chaos. The knowledge that everything is chaos causes more chaos.
In the room. The room or is many rooms. How many rooms? What is room? How does one define the room? Can I be inside and outside of the room at the same time? What is time? How does one exist to begin with? Is the room a thing or a person? What makes me a person and the room a thing? Am I truly a thing, because the room is a thing? If we assume science is correct then we are all made up of elements so we are all objects? How do we know the wall does not think? How do I know I am truly thinking? What is it that is a dream? How does one dream? How did I fall asleep and now am alive in another reality? Does that mean I am alive elsewhere? If so could there be two of me? Are there more of me? How do I know I am me? If I am not me, who am I? If I am not me, and he is not me, then who is me? How is me? How do I come to be? Is the room me? Am I the room? Can the room and I be the same? Is the room and I in two places at once? Are we both truly existing or are we not? If we are not, then what is not? What is nothingness? Is nothingness, something? Is something, nothingness or is it something else? Do I me or me am I? If one dies or dies not does one live another not life? If this not life is life, then is death not truly death? If death is sleep and sleep is not death, could death be being awake? Is this the dream and death the day? Could one die within dying and truly live? If Heaven is real then it is not death? Then death is not having a physically human body? Is the room in Heaven? If the room has a soul it is in Heaven?
Is Heaven just the chaos in true pureness. Heaven is the true balance and control; this control is through chaos. We cannot get to Heaven unless we give into pure chaos and give yourself into the truest form of the universe--death.
Death is chaos. The universe is chaos. Dying allows us to be chaos; to be the universe. That is true peace. Peace through the pure chaos of the universe.
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