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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2239997
Chapter 20 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
The next day, like always, Bella and Mima woke up early a few minutes before sunrise with an alarm, which she turned off immediately as there is another person sleeping in the room. Mima carefully got off the bed as last night, both Felice and Mima agreed to sleep together because Anderson feels awkward sleeping with a girl, even though she is his own sister. After cleaning herself up, she quietly revised her notes and looked around her table and bag to see if she has homework that she hasn’t finished yet. Only to find one for math that is short and decided to do it later. Then she went to the greenhouse as always. This time, paying attention to what the doors could hide.

Bella woke up to the sliver of sunlight that has appeared on the horizon. She normally sleeps on her side or belly, as she can’t sleep on her back due to her wings. Much like Mima’s daily routine, she goes to clean herself a bit longer than Mima due to cleaning her wings and feathers, the went to the computer to check on her email, to see an urgent order of flour to the bakery in the town because they forgot to restock and was about to run out. She then, as always, puts on her disguise and went to the windmill to approximate that she had enough for the order she got.

While they were doing the farm work, Mima’s relatives woke up a few minutes after sunrise and made themselves clean and decent looking before meeting up downstairs in the living room. “Hey, how did you sleep?” Felice asked first.

“It’s nice to sleep somewhere that is bigger than my flat,” Anderson half-joked.

“Don’t take this for granted, brother,” Felice warned. Anderson gave a look of embarrassment as they went downstairs and decided to go outside for some fresh air. Looking around, they saw Mima in a greenhouse taking care of the tomatoes and Bella milking the cows in the barn. They watched them both periodically and took attention to how they do it.

“Well, now I know how to take care of my plants,” Felice said.

“You mean those flowers? I think it’s just your touch or aura. After failing 5 times, you must’ve learned some tricks or search for them on the internet,” Anderson mocked. This earned an elbow to the chest as he gasped.

Bella came out of the barn after putting the milk in the relatively small milk-cooling tank with a sack of flour which she weighed for the bakery. Before coming back to the house, she decides to check on Mima to find out that she finished at about the same time Bella did.

“Oh, great! You’re getting faster at it! But that is meaningless if the quality isn’t good,” Bella said.

“The quality is the same as always, sis. My green thumb is working well,” Mima boasted.

“I doubt it’s better than mine though,” Bella provoked.

Mima asked Bella a favour, “Hey, can you remind me whenever I have free time to do my homework?”

“Sure,” Bella said, before seeing Felice and Anderson looking at them beyond the greenhouses. “Hey, you two sleep well?”

“It was fine,” Anderson said. Felice agreed.

“How do you know when to water and harvest them?” Felice asked.

“I don’t know if you remember this from junior high school or not,” Bella started, knowing the subject level due to Mima studying it now, “But for plants absorb water through the roots, they need the soil to make the inside of the root hypertonic so water is attracted in. The trick for both tomatoes and mints is that you keep the soil moist, but not flooded. If you don’t water it much, you know what happens. If you water it too much, the roots get flooded and separated from the soil. Which makes it unable to absorb water. And also makes it unable to absorb the nutrients from the soil too.”

Felice kept nodding, Mima was just staring and Anderson seems like he’s about to sleep. Bella continued, “You should also search on the internet about how much sunlight the plants need. Growth would be much slower with insufficient sun and having too much sun is actually dangerous for plants, because leaves… Ok, you know what? I’m just going to stop because none of you look like you understood this,” Bella finally stopped.

“Well, I’m getting some, only some, glimmers of memory about this particular topic, my little brother has no interest nor an affinity in biology, and I don’t know about Mima. I’m just waiting for the tips and tricks part while trying to understand your science shenanigans,” Felice said. The mention of her name seems to snap Mima out of her stupor.

“It’s just me and Bella made an agreement that I would give her a summary of what I learned at school since she never went to school. I was making a summary of what I UNDERSTAND about plants when she said that she already knows about that. I wasn’t surprised, as she had 6 greenhouses to take care of. But I didn’t expect her to go that deep into science. It seems like you’re the one that can help me study, sis,” Mima said.

“Well for tips and tricks, search if you plant is a wet one or dry one. If it’s a wet type, you flood the soil like how I do with the rice. If it’s a dry one, keep the soil moist and don’t overwater it. Search also about how much sunlight your plant needs, because both insufficient and too much sunlight is dangerous for the plant,” Bella gasped for breath as she didn’t breath at all in telling the tips.

“Thanks, I really needed that,” Felice sighed. They went into the house when Mima asked quite a significant question.

“Hey, you guys told me that the three of you talked in the guest room last night like how I talked with Uncle Ander and Aunty Felice when Bella was cooking lunch yesterday, but you guys never told me how it went or what is your final decision on the matter. Am I staying or no?”

Her relatives nodded at each other, “Yes, you are staying, Mima,” Anderson said. Mima squealed like a little girl, jumping up and down before realizing that everyone is watching and stopped, hiding her face that is turning red. Everyone else laughed.

“Well, it seems that you and Bella want you to stay here, and we can’t fully follow the will, so this is the best choice we got,” Felice stated. Mima tackle-hugged Felice, making her almost fall to the ground before Felice hugged her back. Anderson soon joined. Bella hugged all of them together. Anderson was unnerved and was about to let go, before letting her hug him too. Never in a million years did I imagine myself being hugged by an 8-foot tall anthro avian. I’m never going to get used to this Anderson thought.

Once they all let go, Felice informed, “Well, we better go soon. I promised my children that I’ll be there latest Tuesday morning. And Anderson here only got his leave until Wednesday and he needs to catch up on his schoolwork.”

“Yeah, we better get ready,” Anderson added.

“Well, it has been nice seeing you two,” Bella said as they went up to get their belongings that they brought. Half an hour later, everything was in their car as they were saying their goodbyes. Bella noticed something. So she told the adults t wait as she went upstairs to the guest room to find the thing she was looking for. Bella hides it in her robe as she goes in front of the car.

“Don’t let Mima see this, but you left something,” Bella whispered, pulling out the feather she gave them. Anderson’s eyes widen as he accepted the gift again.

“Thank you.”

“Take good care of it,” Bella said.

“We will,” Felice promised. Then they drove their car out of the girls’ sight. Bella came back to Mima’s side.

“What were you doing? Sticking your head in the car like that?” Mima asked.

“Nanna your business, sis.”

They stood there in silence, looking at the house for a minute.

“I need to do my homework.” “You need to do your homework”, they said at the same time.

“Similar minds think alike, sis,” Mima blurted out.
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