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Get lost with an existential view of being lost
Can one be lost? To be lost one is, “unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts.” This implies knowledge. Knowledge of one’s whereabouts. In order to not know where one’s whereabouts are, then the whereabouts have to exist. One’s “way” has to exist. But what if it doesn’t? If nothing exists then we can never be lost. However, we could be lost in the nothingness, since we do not know the way. Even if we do not know we can still be lost and even if there is no way or nothing, being lost is still possible.

If I am here; I am not lost. If I am here; I am lost. If I am nowhere; I am not lost. If I am somewhere; I am lost. If there is nothing there is lostness and if there is everything there is lostness.

Does life have “a way” then? If being lost is inevitable then can we ever not be lost?

Let’s assume we are alway lost. Why look for a way? Wouldn’t the way be formed somehow so we can be lost and not lost at the same time? The goal in life then is to be not as lost as complete lostness, but we will still always be lost since there is and isn’t a way. Subsequently we would and wouldn’t find a way. Finding a way would allow us to become less lost, and more lost at the same time.

This goes to the bigger theory that everything and nothing is in a balance that cannot be broken. The balance will always occur no matter what. It is out of our control and the more you look for the balance; you will see the balance everywhere. This is why people like the Stoics and other people who live a balanced and more peaceful life, are at more peace. This is all due to the balance. Finding the balance is impossible since we cannot ever fully understand how and why the balance works, but one can observe the balance. This observation of balance allows us to unlock a deeper level and meaning to life.
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