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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2240195
Chapter 21 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
One month later….

Nothing much changed in Mima’s life, but Bella have two new friends who Leila introduced her to:
George, British, 18 years old, 6’2”, red-haired and lightly tanned skin. Science nerd that loves videogames and chocolate. Same school with Leila and Mima.
Ji-Min, Korean, 17 years old, 5’9”, black-haired and light skin. Spicy food maniac but very calm when there’s no spicy food or dangerous things around. Knows Leila as a neighbour and friend.

At Bella’s home…

“I got an idea! For your birthday, why don’t we do a hangout in here with your best friends and mine too? So senior and junior teens can mix together?” Bella suggested.

“If you can work it out, it’s a great idea!” Mima shouted with glee.

“Don’t forget to invite James, Natasha, and Terry tomorrow at school, alright? Let me message my friends,” Bella said.

She gave Mima’s uncle and aunt her home telephone number and after quite a few explanations on why having a mobile phone is more important than just having a lined number. She found it quite interesting and exciting how the phone only needs to be charged for an hour and a half but can be used for 3 hours. So far the only apps she uses on her phone is the camera, messaging, Whatsapp and google. But she wants to try out some mobile games soon. Although Bella needed help from Leila to set up a new phone number and 3G internet on her phone. The conversation on her phone screen in her Whatsapp friend group goes:

[18:57] You : Hey guys, it’s Mima’s birthday on the 17th of October, more or less a month. We’ll have a party-hangout at my house with her friends. I wonder if you guys can join?

[18:57] ChilliMastah : That’s the girl you took in right? I’ll need to ask my parents first. Wait up.

[18:58] You : Alright, I’ll wait.

[19:05] LeilaTheWizard : Oh, I’m comin’ alright!

[19:06] You : Great!

[19:06] LeilaTheWizard : What time approximately?

[19:06] You : I don’t know, sometime in the afternoon after you guys are done with school and probably go home at 7 pm?

[19:07] LeilaTheWizard : Aight.

[19:10] Gogy : I’m coming, but I’ll probably be leaving a bit soon. It’s a Friday.

[19:11] You : Have you told your mother about your problem with them piano lessons?

[19:11] Gogy : Won’t hear a word about it. Gave me a lecture about how important having to be able to play music is.

[19:12] You : Ouch.

[19:15] ChilliMastah : Meet at your house on the 17th of October alright?

[19:15] You : Neat.

She then puts her phone down as Mima came downstairs to ask a question, “I want to know how to explain it to my friends. So will it be like an actual party with decorations and stuff or…?”

“Imagine a normal hangout, make it in here, double or triple the number of people, and birthday surprises. And no, don’t expect decorations. You’re turning 15, not 7. Maybe party hats and party poppers, but I don’t want too much mess in here so no foam parties here.” Bella explained.

“Alright, thanks though for allowing this.”

“I was the one who brought it up, sis.”

“Are you gonna show what you look like to me on that day?” Mima asked.

Bella thought for a moment, “I don’t know, sis. I’m thinking…”

“But you promised!” Mima pouted.

“Let me finish my sentence! I’m thinking if I should actually show everyone in the party. I trust my friends and you trust yours to keep our secrets right?” Bella said.

“Well, yeah. But last time you were so strict on not letting yourself known and you said you weren’t ready. Are you sure about this?” Mima asked.

“Maybe… I’m still thinking about it…”

“I won’t worry too much about that now. You have one more month to go!” Mima stated.

The next day…

“WHAT?! You’ll have a party at Bella house with only us and Bella’s friends?! AND she might be showing herself?! Not in this reality nor alternate ones will I say no to that!” Natasha shouted.

“Jeez, calm down, girl. I’ll need to ask my parents about this first,” James said.

“I’m walking distance to your party. Anything walking distance I will join. If my mother says no, I’ll get a rope and escape through the window in my bedroom,” Terry joked.

“Your mom says no, means no. That applies to all of you unless your father says yes,” Mima insisted.

Later on, when they are all leaving school, Natasha got approval from her mother. The next day, James and Terry told Mima that they are also allowed to come. Mima told Bella this after school. A full house, and complete planning.
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