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by K.HBey
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Kate bought a doll for Christmas but.
"Andy, can you please give this box to Karl?"
"Hi! Bob how was your day", Andy replies.
"Busy! All people want to buy something for Christmas," Bob replies.
"Have a great day Bob", Andy says.

Kate enters with her mother the big toy shop completely lost. With her big green wide-open eyes she scans the huge amount of toys that fill the shelves of the shop. There are big specimens of the different cartoon figures all along the entrance.
"Mom, I want to buy this golden helicopter;" Kate says
"Mom, I want to buy this big digital tablet".
"Mom, I want to buy this red car".
"Don't you tell me you want a doll dear ?" Barbara replies.
"See we will assess all the toys and you will choose one present"; she adds.

"Kate, don't touch the toys, please. Just let me know about something you would like to buy," Barbara says.
"Do you want something special madam?" Andy asks.
"My daughter wants a doll, a Barbie", Barbara replies.
"Please follow me, madam, this shelf contains a lot of kinds of dolls.

Kate goes caught like a magnet by the box under the counter. The box's covert is transparent. With her frail twiddling hands she opens it for finding a beautiful doll. Lady Barbie is wearing a pink satin long soirée dress with accessories like a white pair of shoes and a silver bag. Her stunning red hair is embellished with a silver crown. Kate looks straight forward to her blue eyes wide open completely mesmerized.

"Mom", Kate says running. Her flushed face contrasts with her fair complexion.
"Kate? I thought you were beside me. Come on quickly".
"I have found it. Here it is my doll", Kate replies.
"She is so beautiful indeed", Barbara replies.
"This one is an original Barbie doll and costs five hundred US dollars. Would you like to keep it, madam?"
She looks at Kate's innocent green eyes and she notices a bright pearl of excitement.
"It's perfect," She replies.

"Hi! Andy, does Bob let something for me?"Karl asks.
"Yes, here it is", Andy replies with great confidence.
"What? Are you joking Andy? The box is empty", Karl says.
"Ho! Now I remember. The little girl took it. The doll is bought," Andy replies.
"See Andy, you have until tonight to bring it back otherwise your life would be ruined," Karl replies shaking violently Andy's shoulders.
Andy decides to retire from this shop and quickly he understands that the doll is not a toy but
something precious for both Karl and Bob.

"Bob! What shall we do now? The doll has been bought?" Karl says to Bob by phone.
"You should assess the clients' register and the invoices for the phone number or address", Bob replies.

"Kate, we will put the fir in the middle of the dining room and we will put the presents around it", Barbara says
"Mom, let me help you please with the presents", Kate says.
"We should switch on the lights. Our guests will come soon", Barbara says.
"Marta, who's there at the door?" Barbara asks.
"Someone a clown magician named Bobby wants to present some show and tours tonight," Marta the waiter replies.
"Call mister Smith asap and we will both see," Barbara adds.

"Please mom, let dad agree. It will be fun to get a clown magician tonight," Kate replies.
"What's up Barbara?" Smith says.
"Hello! Mister Smith, I am Bobby the clown magician. Do you need my services tonight?"
" Dad has agreed"; Barbara says.
"Wow! So it is OK for the show tonight", Kate says completely excited singing and skipping.
"Kate, come on, please! We should welcome our guests at the door. Stay with us for a while", Barbara says.

When the folks are taking dinner, Bobby starts the show.
The fire tour, the cut lady in the box, the dove released from his hat, and many other tours catch the eyes of the guests.
But there around the big fir full of multicolored lights and suspended Christmas golden and silver balls ornaments and surrounded by presents; someone is searching for something.

"Bobby, the doll is not under the fir", someone is whispering in his earphone.
"Search in her room. I will soon finish the show. Hurry up! Thomas", Bobby replies trying to hide his anger with a big smile shown to the public.

"Is it OK?" Bobby asks after finishing the show.
"Yes, I have found the battery of the doll. Here it is," Thomas replies.
"Let's leave now", Bobby replies.

Smith receives a call from the home security at midnight.
"Mister Smith, someone enters your daughter's room and robbed her doll's battery," the security agent says.
"Fortunately your daughter was not in", he adds.
"Please preserve the video and call the police asap," Smith says.

"Hello! Mister Smith, I am the bank informatics engineer Robert".
"Robert? Why are you calling late tonight?"
"Someone has revealed our bank code and money has been embezzled", Robert says.
"What? Call the police immediately I am coming"; Smith replies.

"Mister Smith, for how many years, have you been head of the national bank," the detective Peter asks.
"I have been here for fourteen years", Smith replies.
"Please give us the names of all the informatics agents", the detective asks again.
"We have Robert as an informatics engineer and three informatics students Karl, Andy, and Bob. These latter are doing a university trial and have a contract of two years with the bank", Smith responds.

"Mister Smith, the police has caught the man who robbed your daughter's doll's battery", the policeman says.
"His name is Thomas and he works with someone named Bob or Bobby", he adds.
"What? Bob?" Smith replies and her face is flushed.

"Detective Peter, I think I know the smugglers", Andy says revealing the event with Karl at the toy shop.

Karl says, "You have been late and the next national bank security shift will start soon. My friend of the previous shift will leave".
Bob replies and with trembling hands, he says, "here it is the code on the battery".

Karl says, "The national bank web site is still closed with this code. I have tried many times in vain."
"Though the code is correct," Bob replies.
"Shut up silly! Someone has changed the code. It is an android one," Karl replies.

"Hi! Mister Andy", the detective Peter says.
"We have found your home PC number with IP address on the national bank money transfer operation ". Let me see your PC asap", he adds.
"Your fingerprints are on the doll too. But the doll was in the closed box".
"We find this object under your desk at the bank, the doll battery", he adds.
"You have embezzled an enormous amount of money into an anonymous account," he adds

Andy, Bob, and Karl are caught by the police and condemned for perpetuity for cyber criminality.

KHBEY/Kate 1170 words/ 22nd December 2020/

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