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A Typical love story, where a boy & a Girl are madly in love.. Although they thought..

( As she surrounds herself around women, the more she dates, experiences women.. The more she questions her sexuality & fantisizes these sexual lesbian fantazies.. yet is so anxious putting herself out there so she hides continuing to Live her "Straight" Lifestyle. )

The story goes like this,

A boy & a Girl are madly in love. They live in this Beautiful beach house with the ocean near, Waves crashing, The air is Fresh, the tress are healthy an green, The view is just a BEAUTIFUL site to see. They also own a dog named buddy' that they love an adore so much. His nearly 3 years old. Well trained an is ALWAYS a very happy boy. His parents look after him so well.

They both have GOOD Careers an have the lifestyle they've always dreamed of having.

A beautiful Family in such a beautiful location .. What more could a person want.

Dane being the boy in this story, evetually has a hardtime coming to terms with his fiance' Aubrey being Bi-Curious or even worse, a Lesbian in this 'Straight" Relationship they're supposed to have, Forever. After Aubrey has experienced her first 'Girl' .. She slowly questions yet comes to terms that she may be a lesbian which she didnt' even know herself to be one. After haxing sex for the first time with a girl.. She's addicted to the way it left her feeling.. making her hungry for more! ..

At the back of her mind she reminds herself that she is supposed to be married to her Fiance Dane, after being together for nearly 3 years.. His Kind an gentle soul, ALWAYS Supports her choices an treats her right. She tries to focus on that part of her life an subside the feelings she feels towards women.. Continuing to lie to herself..

(Thinking to herself) .. How do you even bring that up in conversation, to even bring it up in a topic, too even just look at her husband an express how she really feels about herself, women, her relationship with her soon to be husband..that is just AMAZINGLY Good to her, always..


The first night being in our NEW house, The moon shining down enough light for me to be able to see her husbands face as he sleeps peacefully...I am laying next to my Fiance, soon to be my lawfully wedded husband.. I shed a tear looking at him, at how happy he is an how happy we're supposed to be together.. but in the back of my mind, I am in desperate need of an awnser to why I feel the way I do towards women, My Fiance, My life, ect..

I slowly yet quietly get up.. leaving my bed, walking out of the bedroom an making my way to the lounge area.. To Kneel down an prey to god for help.. Hands together, eyes closed but head is up facing the moon, an ever soo soflty whispers

"God, If you're listening.. I need help.. I've never done this before so I don't know how these things work but, I need a solution or a sign to my problem that needs fixing, an I don't think I can do it without you God" .. You're the man everyone comes too in hardtimes an my time has come an here I am begging for help" .. I worry that I may ruin a perfecly good men or just an amazing relationship (Burys her head in her hands crrying to herself but keeping quiet so her Fiance doesnt' hear her) Anyway, I wont' keep you but if you can send me a sign, I'd be most greatful.. Thanks for listening God, I'll let you get back too your duties.. Thanks again.

I go back to bed. Tuck myself in, Back towards my husband an crying myself to sleep..

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