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Daily Flash Fiction 12/22/20 W/C 274

Christmas Lights

“Get out of there, Jasper!”

The dog ran around the yard. Wrapped up in the lights, she was now getting more and tangled in the hedge.

“Stop barking. You’ll wake up the dead,” I said to the trapped hound.

Jasper’s eyes were rimmed in white, matching the snow all around her. Tree lights were tangled all about, in the branches of the hedge, around her legs, around her middle.

“How are we going to get you out? You crazy dog.”

Now this pup started licking my face. The drool soon turned to frost.

“Knock it off, I’m trying to help you.”

Jasper settled down, quit licking me.

“Do you need a hand? Ours are free.”

I jumped up and turned around.

A large man in a red suit and two smaller people in green stood behind me.

“We can help. Do you need help?” The man in the red suit smiled at me.

“Well, sure, see the dog is tangled here. The lights and all.”

“Say no more. You’re welcome.”

The little green people smiled at me as well.

Jasper barked. I turned around to find the dog at my heels, the hedge trimmed neatly in lights.

“Is this 313 Sycamore Street?” The man in red was checking a list.

I stammered. “Umm, well, yes, well, ummm.”

“Good deal. Tally ho then. Let’s go kids. Work to do, you know.”

Off they dashed. Snow flew in their wake as they disappeared over the big maple tree.

Had I just met Santa Claus? Naahhh, This is 2020. I must be dreaming.

Jasper and I went into the house. But darn, those lights did look nice.

W/C 274
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