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by catdok
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest · #2240311
Poem for Writer's Cramp
Mittens and Paws

When you need someone with stealth
The thought can give you pause
Who can go round unobserved
Perhaps Old Santy Claus

But now it's late into December
At this time of year
Santa's life becomes quite busy
He won't do I fear

I need someone who I can turn to
Who can keep the pace
Get in Get out and get the job done
Never leave a trace

It's breaking and it's entering
And that's a grievous crime
If the agent is detected
Surely he'll do time

For you see I am an Elf
I help Santa work
Somewhere I left the wrong present
I feel like a jerk

But there is still time to fix it
And I can save face
If I could get the right present
In its proper place

So I need to find someone
Who's quiet as a mouse
And will leave no finger prints
When they raid the house

I need to find a cat burglar
But not one with two feet
One with tail and whiskers
Who won't miss a beat

Who'll do the switch and then break out
And never make a sound
After that the proper present
Is what will be found

There will be no cat prints left
None found by the law
Because our clever thief will use
Cat mittens and paws

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