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Can a brief encounter change a life?
Christmas Vision

Snowflakes drift gently from powder-puff clouds,
floating and swirling ‘round last-minute crowds.

Fighting back panic, I must find a gift
to perfectly bridge a marital rift.

Tension increases in dark solstice days,
too much expected from too little saved.

I want this! I want that! Work is a drag.
Greedy kids, bully boss, wife who’s a nag.

Frustration snapping, I stormed from the house.
Now I need magic to soothe a sore spouse.

Perfection appears from out of the night
emerging 'twixt twinkles of holiday light.

Curls cascading from bright colored cap,
figure adorned with a chic winter wrap.

Delicate features, eyes mesmerizing,
ruby red lips with a smile tantalizing.

Beautiful angel, melting my heart
with holiday hopes to make a fresh start.

I flash on a vision, almost in reach,
crystal clear water, life on the beach.

Abandon my have-to, go on the run,
escape from the dreary, relax in the sun.

Love, unexpected, could bloom with a glance
in one random turning, a meeting by chance.

I try to be clever, toss out a line.
She blithely ignores it, walks right on by.

Fantasy fades, hope goes up in flames.
The embers wink out as she’s walking away.

A pang of regret cuts sharp as a knife.
I rejoin the crowd, return to real life.

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