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Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Images collected as part of the "Holiday Scavenger Hunt

1) Pet Dressed Up in Christmas Clothes
Pet Dressed Up

2) Dreidel
A Dreidel spinning

3) Overindulged Santa
An overindulged Santa

4) Menorah
A Candle Menorah

5) Family Christmas Photo Gone Wrong
A Family Christmas Photo Gone Wrong

6) Kwanzaa Celebration
Kwanzaa Celebration

7) Bad Christmas Wrapping
Seems like they ran out of Christmas wrapping paper

8) Boxing Day
Boxing Day Image }

9) Elaborate Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations

10) Omisoka
Omisoka is Japanese New Years

11) Heartwarming Christmas Image
A Christmas Image that Makes Me Smile

12) Yule
A Yule Times Image

13) Vintage Christmas
A Vintage Christmas Ornament

14) Festivus
Classic Seinfeld Fans Remember the Festivus Pole *Smile*

15) Disappointed Child Christmas Image
Probably not the best present to give a kid on Christmas

16) New Years
Happy New Years

17) Fruitcake
Gotta love Fruitcake

18) The Critter Who Stowed Away In The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
An unexpected find in the Rockefeller Tree

19) Reindeer Cartoon
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

20) Funny Christmas Carolers
Christmas Caroling
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