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* Bubble refers to regs in Britain during 'lockdown.Only 2 households can meet(bubble)

Have a hubble bubble Christmas.

Hubble Bubble toil . No trouble!
Merry Christmas and good cheer
But could things be much different
In this virus-ridden year?

So what will Christmas be like?For this we wait and see.
But for me it all depends on
Being Covid-free.

Will I even see some visitors
Sing carols or Christmas songs ?
Will I hear the church bells
Ringing out, Ding Dong Ding Dong ?

Remember please the motto
It’s ‘Hands, Face and Space.’
No hugging please or kissing
Or usual warm embrace.

It must be very sad for some
That end up on their own
Waiting for that somebody
To talk to on the phone.

If at the door there’s knocking
And you find you have a guest,
I suppose that you must ask him
‘Have you had the test?’

But if even if I’m on my own
It could still turn out good
Coz I’ll eat loads of turkey
Followed by a Christmas pud !

I’ll pull every single cracker
Find inside a joke and ring
And put a silly hat on
And pretend that I’m a king.

We’re told we must be careful
As the celebration nears
Keep to the regulations
Or it could all end in tiers !!

I will sit down at three, of course
To hear our dearest queen
Give her Christmas monologue
Tell us where she has NOT been!

But I ‘m hoping most sincerely
And also for me too,
We’ll all have a great Christmas
And our troubles be will few.

Just one final word to leave with
Coz next year could be fab.
And we could be rejoicing
Once we all have had the jab!

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