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History of Mankind
When man first came to earth, that calculation is simply a guess.
Whether it's millions or crores of years. People went in search of peace from that first day.
Happily, they were quite - they were sent down just to catch up on an error
On the thanks to this inaccessible world. Adam is assumed to possess landed in Sri Lanka and Eve / Hawa was landed in Aden / Yemen on the shores of the Red Sea. Two people alone in an extended way. After 300 years of searching in an unknown and inaccessible world, their peace reunited. That reunion was also the results of hearing the words of hope from above - as a result of the prayers taught by that one nobleman.

There is just one source of sunshine - light has come from age to age to be that one source. For those for whom the sunshine has come, they need also come to be the miracle of that one mighty being. Whose miraculous hand is ours
Origin knows what our peace is - whether it's on the proper path - on the proper path. No lighthouse
Aiming at the trail of life, we'll reach slightly below the sunshine - he knows better. For many thousands of many years, alternatively has sent his kindness to mankind. he's carrying quite two lakh flags.
Has the sunshine of that flag gone out? No! He didn't illuminate. the ultimate document showing their ideals
Remains perfect. As soon as we continue the chest, we'll get light again.

Indeed, there's just one ideal - there's just one light - there's just one beacon - there's just one lighthouse - which may take us to the specified destination. Who made that light, the target?
We will have the last word success.

Let us aim at ‘light’ and ‘lighthouse’ without running after miss-guided light or mirage; that's peace - that's the thanks to success.
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