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My random prompt from Writing.com: You are watering your plants when you hear a voice whispering your name. There is no one around.


Elaine gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas. I’ve always liked these holiday plants. Giant red blooms on green stalks. But this one is curious. No dirt, just strange glittery matter around the bulb, contained in a plastic pot.

The instructions state not to water this. That goes contrary to the other Amaryllis I recently received whose directions state to keep them moist.

So I water the others, ignore the one which I now dub ‘Glitter’.

“Norma! I’m thirsty.”

There is no one else here with me. I live alone. No pets even. Who spoke? I turn around. Nope, just the plants. No one here but me.

Alright, that’s weird. But the day continues without any more strange goings on.

“I need water, Norma.”

That brought me out of my deep sleep. I roamed the house. No strangers. Must have been the wind. I punched my pillow, fell back into a fretful slumber.

The day dawned on the Amaryllis sitting on my dining room table. I checked the moisture on the ones that could be watered. “Glitter” is still there, had it grown a little overnight?

As I started breakfast, that voice came again.

“Norma, I’m dying of thirst.”

Now I’m convinced the Covid Crazies have gotten hold of me. Too much time inside. The heck with breakfast. I’m taking a walk.

After a walk in pouring rain that leaves me soaking wet, I have to change clothes. But at least now I can think about eating something. Back to the kitchen.

I stop and stare. Standing in front of the sink is a tall figure dressed in green with red hair. It turns and speaks.

“Hi! I’m Glitter. I was thirsty. So I got a glass of water.”

Like I said, I think the Covid Crazies got me.

W/C 297

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