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A poem I wrote for my mum before she passed away

Let me share some thoughts with you, some memories held dear
Of adventures, tears and laughter we shared throughout the years
And help me rewind to golden times, on beaches and by streams
When all us little children, held you in high esteem
In cluttered vans, with chocolate hands, we travelled far and wide
While other kids would run and dare, we'd stay right by your side
For you were warm and you were safe, and your smile was strength to us
And when the world was looming dark, in you we'd always trust
Your soothing voice, your loving arms, a haven from the storm
We cared because you cared first, and from you we were born
So many days of sheer delight, I recall with gentle smile
Of parks and ponds and piggy-backs, and journeys so worthwhile
Days of tears and days of fun, and days of sickness too
Where you would soothe with smiles and soup, and patiently renew
On garden days, in blazing sun, you basked and tried to rest
But ever we would badger you and put you to the test
Seven whirlwinds spinning, seven hearts on fire
All chirping for your attention, we'd clamour and conspire
I cannot count the precious days we spent with you dear mum
So many days of thrills and spills, of laughter and of fun
And even though today we live our lives so far apart
The days I still can be with you, are counted in my heart
For life and love are not a sum, are not a date or day
And love is true, and I honour you, regardless of your age
However many years you've lived, or however many remain
My love and reverence for you, will ever be the same
So, if one day, when children gather, to celebrate your times
But I am absent and far away, and missing from your mind
Please don't be sad, and do not be hurt, that I cannot abide
But know that when you need my love, I'll be there by your side
I do not count one day alone, whether ninety or below
But in my heart I count those days where memories were wove
Those special days I treasure, that are ever in my mind
I spent with you dear mother, those joyfullest of times
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