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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2240531
The story continues at Holiday time.
The yet to be hero Joe was on the ship for many months. He spent Thanksgiving on the ship avoiding the beast on the ship with him. He found out how to zap in food from the small automated kitchen on board the ship. He could type in and speak a food item into the system the picture would pop up on the screen and he would then push the picture then push order under it and in about 15 minutes or so the food would appear. He could also order pet food for the beast on board and push it through a small opening where he was. The opening was too small for him to get through thankfully and he had yet to figure out how to get out of the area he was in or human could be on the menu.

Christmas was coming up soon and the good captain was still on the ship. Still trapped not knowing when the aliens would invade and how to stop them. He had learned for sure that they would be invading and that they were no friend's but when was the question? More importantly, how could he stop them? The captain had also definitely figured out it was best to try and befriend the alien's pet on board because sooner or later he would get free of his room. So he found a big ball and he would roll it through the same hole as he sent the food through and the pet would roll it back through the hole with his nose. They would spend hours playing like this on the days when he wasn't exploring the ship. He would also sing to the beast he now called Biscuit at night because he would get more active at night and try really hard to get out of his room. He would sing to soothe the savage beast so to speak and to put him to sleep which sometimes took hours. Then he would climb back up into his safe bed so tired he could hardly think straight.

Suddenly he was in dreamland and he had a dream where an angel appeared to him.The angel let Joe now indeed that the alien's were bad guys that wated to enslave mankind and eat the humans too small, frail or weak to work.They wanted mankind to build their cities,take care of their,pets and do all the jobs that they felt like were beneath their higher-alien's race Their plaent was a lot like earth and could sustain life as long as you stayed within the big bubble surrounding their planet. Many slaves were brought about 100 at a time to their planet to do the needed work. Once the planent's resources were gone and the slave labor available went way down they would destory the planet and move on.The alien's would also run through all the earth's resources in about 10 to 20 years flat. Once the resources were gone they would either bomb the planet and wipe out all remaining humans or kill them and harvest the body parts for food to be sold to the highest bidders among the planets with alien's that also ate humans.The angel told the good captain to rewire the food ordering device in the kitchen to be able to ask for help from other alien's.The angel said that the alien's now planning to invade earth had plenty of enemies' but to be careful about asking because they also have a few friends.Then Joe woke up gasping for air and soaking wet.Oh well on with the day he had to figure out a lot of stuff.

Christmas on an alien ship wow what in the world and with a beast of a pet he now called Biscuit .He had to figure out how to rewire the food ordering device, which alien's to ask for help, how to win over the family pet and how to get off the ship and save earth.This was a tall order even for someone like Joe but he wouldn't give up, he would man up he decided.He did how ever break down around lunch time and cried for like 15 minutes before shaking it off and setting to work again on a plan of attack.What if the famiy pet could help him save earth some how he thought ?Was the family pet truly loyal to the family and if so how loyal? Joe spent the next 3 to 4 days feeding the pet really well and playing with him,singing to him and even reading to him trying to win him over.When he wasn't doing this he was trying to comb the ship for information about the pet but he didn't learn much about Biscuit .One night the angel appeared to him again in a dream telling him if he wanted the pets help he should just ask and that he still would have to have the other alien's help as well.The angel said he needed to figure out how to rewire the food ordering device and ask for help and that the pet maybe able to help.The angel said he was running out of time so he needed to figure out how to do what needed to be done soon.Then Joe woke up before he could ask for any details.

Ask the pet for help, really could he just ask would it be that easy?Joe feed the pet and then cleared his throat and asked Biscuit for his help telling him that his planet would be in big trouble without help.There was no response for like 20 minutes and then a big sigh was heard by Joe who was making his way to the other side of the ship.Joe stopped and headed back where the pet was,about 20 feet from the room Joe heard a small "so you want my help", he froze in his spot.When there was no response by Joe the pet explained that yes he could talk but was trained not to talk to anyone outside his family.He went on to ask Joe if he decided to help him which was a big if what was in it for him.
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