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Rated: E · Documentary · Drama · #2240562
Sometimes I can not shake off the dream.
I felt him awaken. I felt the way he came through after being knocked out. I do not know if he had been put out or knock out. I just know he felt groggy and unfocused. I felt his heart beating faster as his mind slowly cleared and remembered something. His breathing grew heavier as he began to run toward the edge of the forest. He came to an opening where the tree line met the sandy beach of a lake. He ran again and stumbled once in the sand but recovered quickly and ran again until he stood at the shore of the lake looking out into the vast water bed. I felt his teardrop on my skin. I knew I was not him. I knew I was inside of him. Inside his head. Feeling everything he felt. Terrified. His heart beating so loud it could be the drums for this island. I now saw what he was looking at. There was a woman. She wore a long dress and a sun hat. The roaring twenties style dress. She spoke to the little girl who accompanied her in a boat. I could hear her all the way from the shore but she was speaking at a soft normal volume. "Okay tell Daddy goodbye, and we will go find your mommy."
The little girl waved. She did not know she was being taken. And now I could feel his horror again. His heart hurt so badly. I could barely breathe. I now saw a woman in his mind sitting on a rock talking to this little girl. I knew it happened before he had been put out or knocked out. I was actually seeing his memory. She sweet-talked the little girl telling her that she could bring her to see her mommy. Somehow I knew that her mommy had passed away.
I woke up.
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