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All of the December Trinkets in one place. Hurry! They Vanish On January 1st. 2021!
So Here Are All Of The December Trinkets — If You Missed Any Now Is Your Chance!!

On January First They Disappear Forevermore!

This trinket was created in honor of the more than generous Schnujo 's December "The Whatever Contest -- Now Open. She very graciously included it on her page!

These next were created to compliment this Story Poem;

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't!  (E)
How some Naughty Elves Almost Spoiled Christmas
#2238740 by Richard's Fall Cleanup!

This trinket was created in answer to a WdC Newsfeed Challenge.

This one was created to complement my Christmas Handle Richard ~ The Lil' Bone Player.

The next three were just things that tickled my fancy or caught my interest at the moment;

And finally these that were created from the —

Holiday Scavenger Hunt  (E)
An Online Holiday Scavenger Hunt
#2240130 by Richard's Fall Cleanup!

Which is still open for entries for

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