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by Shamus
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2240598
He could see blood and gore on the faces of wild men!
The women were screaming and trying to cover their nakedness. The men circling them were also naked. Some had hair all over their bodies. Most were boasting huge erect penises. One leaped at a woman and began to tear at her throat causing fountains of blood to cover his wild eyed face.

As if to a signal all the men began to violently attack the women by exposing huge fangs and using them to tear into the throats of the women. One man was pulling huge lumps of bloody flesh from a woman's throat. Another was trying to get a woman to open her legs so that he could thrust his enormous penis into her.

He was sure he could see his girl friend in among the struggling women. He could also recognize his pal and best friend with a penis that could have been eighteen inches in length trying to force it into a woman with her legs in the air and allowing him to enter her.

Jumping up in the bed he became instantly awake. Covered in perspiration and trembling at what he had just witnessed, his girl friend tried to comfort him.

"You have had a bad dream my dear!"

"That wasn't a dream, more like a bloody nightmare! That's the last time I have liver sausage and tomato sauce for supper!"


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