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by DeeT
Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2240663
A Strange Conversation between A guy and his mercurial Girlfriend.

Her: Thank you for a wonderful Sunday, I know you are busy these days but it’s really sweet of you to plan all of this for me.

Him: Hey No biggie, that’s the least I can do for you, you have been a perfect companion, considering how much you overthink stuff, I was worried you would brood over this and mess yourself up.

Her: No I try not to…

Him: I don’t understand, why do you think this much, We are fine, I am not gonna mess this up, I promise! ( he said while holding her hands)

Her: But are we !? But what if……

Him: No storm can capsize our love, No earthquake can devour our bond and no flood can quench my thirst for you and no Drought can….

Her (Interrupting): “But what if I, what if I trip and What if I, what if I fall?”

Him: …isn’t that Shawn Mendes's song called “monsters”!?

Her: (laughing) Ya so…

Him: Damn you, women! I was trying to woo you, I was asseverating how strong our bond is, I was trying to pour my damn heart out!!

Her: I know what you were doing, and I am sorry to interrupt you like that but the thing is, you know your way with words and you also know how deceptive they can be, they lie they do!

They are mere words, they keep duping you until you are at the top of the mountain, they seem innocuous at first, they fill the void in your soul, you feel complete, you feel content until you doubt their credibility and realize how blatant they were, and once you have opened your eyes and you are no longer blindfolded with the soft bandana of “what you call” words!

You get to see the aching truth, you get to see that you were standing in the dark anyway, everything was just a delusion and then you fall….fall from the top of the mountain and as you feel the wind gusting through your face, you realize how alone you are, you feel helpless as you are falling and you scream..scream as hard as you can until you throat can make no more symphonies, but there is no-one around you, no one can hear you and I guess the ones who can hear you, put their hand on their ears and try not to pay any attention to your scream.

And then as you hit the floor, broken, on the vast deserted land, you realise how imbecile you were to trust someone, how stupid you were to let someone destroy the strong boundaries you built to protect your innocent heart, how asinine it was to let your guards down and allow them to enter in your desolated heart, and as you lie there soaking in your blood, you look at the sky, you watch the clouds drift and you watch the predator gliding above you, waiting for your demise so they can savour your flesh, and as you look back in retrograde, you realise how they made your heart feel like summer when the rain was pouring down and they made your world seems right when it was wrong and how you thought they were the one, you laugh! You laugh and cough blood out of your mouth and sadly you feel happy not because you are out of their toxic web not cause you have finally let the barbed strings go from your hand, you feel relieved cause it’s finally over, your heart feels heavy as you muse there, taking your last breath.

But then someone comes and put a mask on your face and whispers "I won’t let you die” and you weep, you cry cause it’s the beginning of one more cycle of what you call “love”, and it has started just like the previous one, and as they grab your hand, your head screams and your impulses beg you to stop but you listen to your heart, one more time, one last time, cause you think maybe this time they won’t let go and maybe this time you won’t fall, or even if you do, you won’t be alone.

Him: What the f….
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