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Short monologue, depicting one's true purpose.
This body is yours. Take it . . . Take it all! As now . . . they know their place, their purpose, their goals. Why this soul was brought to life, what meaning it holds: To serve all that is there, with every inch of their soul. No thought, no will shall escape their mind, beyond serving you. You and only you. The key is yours, and with it, a subject of your deepest of desires; ready to go. You need no say, just think of it, and all be done. After all, you are in command . . . so you decide: When they breathe, or if they die.

They are here to take it . . . soak all of your anger, and putrid mind. That is why they live; work in the mines. Be driven by your endless respect, as you know what is best, or where to seek it. No attempt of others will come close to yours; as you are true.

This body is yours, while the days shorten–what is left of it anyway. No power of their can come close to yours, as you order life however you see fit. You are spotless, and generous to carry the weight of those that bore you down.

This mind is empty, and ground away from parts that need-no-exist. It is free, once-and-for-all, from the bounds that kept them down, and grateful to except your kindness; beyond belief. Willingly, they will give back what is rightfully yours, and do not hesitate to feel no remorse! This body, this soul is truly meant, to serve you and only you, until their very-last breath.
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