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by Norman
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It was getting strange for me
“Do you believe in fairies?”
she asked excitedly.
I said, “I’ve never met one;
I’ll have to wait and see.”

“You must believe in goblins.”
she said determinedly.
First fairies and now goblins;
it was getting strange for me.

She said, “There is some magic
if you would just believe.
Some things you never dreamed of
and never could conceive.

“Use your imagination;
just let your mind run free.
Not everything is clear to you,
on that you must agree.”

She sure was right on that one;
I couldn’t fault her claim.
Some people say that Skeptic
should be my middle name.

I don’t believe in fairies,
and goblins don’t exist.
And love was just a fantasy
…that is, until we kissed.

Now I’m a different fellow.
I’ll nod and go along.
I’ll even do a dance with her
and sing her favorite song.

I’m still the same curmudgeon;
it’s too late to change that.
But when I’m close beside her
I’ll wear a different hat.

So bring on all the fairies,
throw goblins in for fun.
It's all about my loving her,
when all is said and done.
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