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Two kids go out to catch their kitten.
Percy opened the front door to enter her home after getting off the school bus. Her older brother Justin yelled her name, horrified as their pet kitten jetted out past Percy and down the cement steps. Justin dropped his bookbag and bolted toward the fleeing feline, and in vain, tried to catch Smokey. Smokey ran toward the woodline at the edge of their yard. “Quick Percy, go get a can of tuna; I’ll go after Smokey. Don’t forget the opener!”

When Percy got to Justin, Justin was standing at the yard’s edge and calling into the woods. “Smokey, heeere Smokey! Heeere, kitty kitty kitty! Percy, open the can and follow me.” Both children trudged their way into the brush until they stopped inside a clearing that was like a circle. They agreed that was a good spot to place the can. No kitten could resist the smell of tuna. Percy and Justin crouched down in the brush and waited for Smokey.

It didn’t take long before Smokey’s head emerged from the bushes on the other side of the circle from where the children were. They both watched as Smokey crept toward the can till finally, his nose was deep inside the can, his tongue darting in and out of his mouth before taking a large bite of tuna and chewing it in that smacking fashion as felines do.

In a short moment, both kids were on their knees beside the kitten and petting him from neck to tail. Smokey didn’t stop eating until all the tuna was gone and all the juices had been lapped up. After Smokey had licked the last of the tuna from his lips, Justin let Percy pick up the kitten. Justin grabbed the can, and both children enjoyed a triumphant walk back to their house.
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