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What A Character!: Official WDC Contest - Character Prompt for December 2020.
Prompt: Write a story about someone committing (or attempting to commit) a very serious crime at Santa's Workshop.

         It happened many long years ago, a time when the best memories of Christmas filled the air with promise. The residents of Holly Wreath, a small rural country in Tennessee, where gatherings were taking place and colloquies were well-known, young adults were thinking about whom they'd like to marry one day.

         When Christmastime rolled around, Holly Wreath was filled with merriments of joy. Wagons of hay, pulled by horses, were filled with people singing Christmas carols. Laughter was heard all around as young men and young women alike were dreaming about the future. Living a life of prosperity with a person you love; promises made during good times and bad will hold.

         A tree decorated with ornaments had perked up such excitement that proposals of marriage were bound to happen. A big celebration would take place in a large barn, where the best band would play, and dancing would be fun; everyone was welcome to attend. Mistletoes were hung and kisses were given; couples were enjoying their time together. Whispering in his ear what they wanted for Christmas, the ladies would sit in Santa Claus's lap. Placed under the tree, the presents were ready to be given out.

         Until a stranger showed up with a mysteriousness that everyone talked about, everything was fine in Holly Wreath, Tennessee. They couldn't quite put their finger on what it was exactly, but his presence made them feel uncomfortable. They found out later that his name was Mr. Lyon ColdStone.

         Mr. Lyon ColdStone left everyone with a distinct impression that Christmas wasn't to be celebrated, especially with someone known as Santa Claus. He wasn't thrilled with the idea that a dance would be held in a barn with a live band. He didn't believe that two people should come together by proposing marriage; especially the part about living happily ever after.

         Observing Santa's Workshop one day, he suddenly became very bitter. A celebration of this magnitude, there was no way that he was going to allow this to happen. He was definitely a scrooge in so many ways. He couldn't tolerate giving out presents at Christmastime; this is when he decided to do something about this nauseating event.

         Trying to figure out what made things go so incredibly well together, Lyon ColdStone decided to lurk around Santa's Workshop. Ready to be wrapped up in pretty packages inside Santa's Workshop, the toys were sitting on the shelves, ready to be sent to all the boys and girls who were anxiously awaiting to play with their toys.

         Christmas Eve was soon approaching when a discovery was made. When Santa Claus went to his workshop, he noticed that all the toys were gone. All he could think of was how disappointed and hurt these precious boys and girls would be. "What am I going to do? said Santa Claus, "I just can't face Christmas seeing all the sad faces on the children. This breaks my heart; I don't have the resources to make any more gifts".

         Santa's Workshop was bare to the bone. No one could quite easily understand why the residents of Holly Wreath, Tennessee were filled with such emptiness. The children were looking so forward to receiving their toys under the Christmas tree. Why would Lyon ColdStone commit such a crime as robbing Santa's Workshop of all those toys? What would possess a man to do this kind of crime? This was the question that was running through the minds of the residents of Holly Wreath, Tennessee. They were so shocked that they didn't know what to do with themselves.

         It's Christmas Day in Holly Wreath, Tennessee, and the day is very gloomy. It's gloomy because a crime was committed. Completely devastated by confusion, hurt, and tears, the kids were dumbfounded; it left a bewildering effect that has undermined their potential of being the happiest kids on the block. After all, Santa Claus didn't show up on Christmas Day. The toys that were wrapped up in beautiful packages simply wasn't there.

         The rural country of Holly Wreath, Tennessee was in dire straits. The happiness surrounding this area was now non-existent. Was there any way that Mr. Lyon ColdStone could've had second thoughts about what he had done? To look at the situation, it appeared that he didn't have a conscience. Caught up in the moment, he was rather pleased with what he had done to the kids in Holly Wreath, Tennessee. The scars left on the kids was difficult to watch.

         Weeks had passed, and the person who stole the toys wasn't caught yet. As of yet, Mr. Lyon ColdStone wasn't even a suspect. Snooping around Holly Wreath, he was wearing the most bizarre costumes that you could ever imagine. Parading around in these costumes, he wasn't even aware of anybody. Did the people have a suspicion about this person? Did they even think about questioning him?

         Clever as he was, Mr. Lyon Coldstone ended up making a mistake that nearly got him caught, but he managed to get away. How did he manage to do it? It was anybody's guess.

         Getting into someone's house to snatch up another toy, was what he had managed to do. This time, there was a special needs child, who happened to be a little girl, who lived there. She loved her toy very much. Like a security blanket, she depended on it to keep her safe from all the bad people in the world. When she discovered that her special toy was gone, she had a fit. Causing her to withdraw into a silence so deep that she ended up having a blank stare; her screams were hysterically alarming. This little girl needed someone special to come into her life. Her name was Deserae Moon. By some miracle, someone new arrived in town by the name of Emelina Rosenfield. Emelina was a person who had a big heart for a special need's child. She decided to be a big help to Deserae. She didn't want to see little Deserae so brokenhearted. To confront the person who stole her toy, Emelina wanted to pursue some kind of action. Emelina went through Holly Wreath, Tennessee trying to discover any kind of clue that would help find this thief.

         Just before New Year's Day, the snow fell in Holly Wreath, Tennessee. Something unusual happened on this day. There were tracks in the snow that led up to a storage area that was full of toys. Emelina thought that this was rather strange. "Who is this? a man answered rather cruelly when she knocked on the door. "I am Mr. Lyon Coldstone", he reluctantly told her. The name didn't ring a bell, but she found out later that a mysterious stranger by the name of Mr. Lyon ColdStone had shown up in Holly Wreath who made them feel uncomfortable. Just outside of Holly Wreath, she remembered seeing a storage area that was full of toys. She mentioned that a man had introduced himself as Mr. Lyon ColdStone, she piped up, when she knocked on the door.

         Emelina wanted to make Deserae smile; she also wanted to bring back the smiles to the rest of the kids and people of Holly Wreath. For this to happen, she worked on developing a plan. Gathering up all the toys from the storage area and bringing them back to Santa's Workshop was something she thought about, and she had managed to accomplish that. Santa Claus was very happy. He repaired the toys that were broken, re-wrapped them, and delivered them to the kid's homes. This happened on New Year's Day.

         New Year's Day turned out to be a happy event in Holly Wreath, Tennessee. The joy on everyone's faces was a sight to behold. The dance that was to be held in the large barn was back on. As they were dancing the night away, you could feel the expression of love on everyone's faces. Men had their sights on the woman that they wanted to propose to. Several couples were kissing underneath the mistletoe. Seeing couples holding hands, hugging and kissing was the most beautiful sight to see. Out in the country, celebrations uniting the little rural town was very transparent.

         When he found out that all the toys were missing from the storage area, what did Mr. Lyon ColdStone do? He wasn't a very happy man. Toward the person that took the toys, he was going to try and get revenge by plotting another attack. This time, Holly Wreath was going to really suffer; there was no telling what he was going to do.

         When Emelina Rosenfield delivered the toys back to the kids, Mr. Lyon ColdStone heard some people talking about how she had saved the town of Holly Wreath. He decided to hire someone to bully her into giving up on Deserae Moon. It turned out that Mr. ColdStone had succeeded in his endeavor. Ending up being miserable, Emelina talked about ending her life. She blamed herself for the misery that she had caused the kids. After hearing what they had done to Emelina, they came up with a plan that would force Mr. Lyon ColdStone to leave the beautiful area of Holly Wreath, Tennessee.

         Believe it or not, it was Deserae Moon who had decided to start a petition to have Mr. Lyon Coldstone escorted out of Holly Wreath, Tennessee. He was escorted out and told never to come back. Deserae was really happy about that. Next, she planned on helping Emelina get her confidence back. Telling her how much she meant to her, Deserae spent a lot of time with Emelina. She gained the strength to overthrow the bullying, even though it took some time for her to heal, then Deserae and Emelina became the very best of buddies.

         By stealing their toys, no one knew if Mr. Lyon Coldstone had ended up destroying more kids' happiness, but one could only hope that the action done by Deserae had helped him learn a valuable lesson, and bring back the joy into the little kids and the grown-up's lives.

         The people who lived in Holly Wreath, Tennessee never expected Deserae to rise to a challenge such as this. All was good. Emelina was ever so thankful that Deserae wanted to help her get on with her life. Deserae Moon spent most of her life not being able to accept the fact that she had to have special needs. Just because a little girl had special needs, didn't mean that she wasn't smart. Observing what was going on, she knew that Emelina cared about her. Deserae wasn't going to let a bully take the life of someone she loved.

         It so happened that Deserae grew up, dated, and was proposed to. She accepted the proposal of marriage and had learned to overcome obstacles in life.

         No one like Mr. Lyon ColdStone was ever going to destroy the happiness of these kids again. The moral of this story is to be on your guard when a mysterious stranger comes to your town; your instincts may be correct, so learn to trust them. Attempting and actually participating in a crime as severe as this was, the actions of these people can certainly be a factor in determining the character of a person. No matter what age you are, to put a plan into motion is the best way to track down a person. To be cautious is the best way to protect yourself. More precious and valuable than anything in the world, is to preserve the life of a human being. Mr. Lyon ColdStone will get caught one day. When he does, smiles will be returned, and proposals of marriage will be fulfilled once again.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2000 Word Count

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