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Space Kid tries painting and figures out something new about themself.
It had been a couple of weeks since Space Kid traveled to Earth and they were getting bored. Usually on Xivis, (where Space Kid is orginally from), you can watch people battle to the death or watch people do eating competitions.

They knew that they wouldn't able to do stuff like that on Earth. People would probably be too sensitive to do that kind of stuff. The first thing that came to their mind was to use Google. Since people always used it when they didn't know what something was.

It only took a couple of seconds for it to load which kind of surprised Space. "Hmm, let's see what their is to do here.", Space said out loud to themselves. One of the top five things to show up was painting, which sounded interesting to them.

They clicked on a link that said 'Helping Newbie Painters'. 'Why not try something new?', they thought.

But before they can cure themselves of boredom, they needed supplies first. Making a quick trip to the nearest craft store, getting the supplies they needed.

"This should be easy. At least I hope it is.".

They pulled out their favorite colors, a canvas, some paint brushes, a cup of water, and a towel hoping nothing wastes.

The first thing that came to their mind was an image of space. (aka- where they're from)

And then...it all just happened. Their boredom, gone. Space immediately zoned out once the brush touched the canvas.

Once they zoned back in from momentary paralysis, they looked at their beautiful painting. This, was something new. It made Space Kid not only feel inspired, but it made them feel something that they never knew they had.

Of course after it dried Space signed it and hung it up on the wall.
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