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There's been a crime.
Scene Of The Crime

“Margo Saunders, reporter for the Nugget. Any statement, Detective?”

The rumpled, exhausted looking policeman got in her face.

“This is a crime scene!”

“I know, that’s why my paper sent me,” she said.

“If you don’t get outta here right now, I’m gonna arrest you!”

“Give me a statement and I’ll leave!”

“All right! No comment.”

“Gimme a break, Dodge. This is the biggest story this year. Surely you can give me something?”

“I’ll give you something and you won’t like it! Get outta my crime scene!”

Margo backed off behind the yellow tape. She’d gone to all the trouble to get here fast and nobody would talk!

“We’ll see about the bum’s rush,” she told herself.

She began to scour the ground outside the crime scene tape.

“It’s here somewhere. I remember dropping it.”

Suddenly, she spotted the evidence she’d planted.

“Hey Detective, you might want to look at this!”

He gave her an exasperated look, but he came over. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

“How did you know this was there?”

“I didn’t. I noticed it as I was going back to my car.”

The detective gestured for the photographer.

“You can go, Ms. Saunders. When I need to make a press release, I’ll be sure not to call you!”

Margo gave him a sour look, but she knew when to back off.

“He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day,” she muttered.

As Dodge watched her go, he nodded at a patrolman.

“Follow her! She seems to be around these crime scenes before they’re barely crimes.”

As Margo sped off, she smiled.

“News is so slow around here, I decided to help it along. It’s working well.”

She failed to see the unmarked police car tailing her.

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