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A quick entry into the Naughty Quickie contest. Vanessa and Dan meet while dog walking.
Prompt: Two people meet while walking their dogs.

"Dash, slow down." Dan said to the his dog who was running away from his reach in the park outside his lavish apartment. It was winter and the trees barely had any leaves, and with the snow storm in the last couple of days, he had being extra horny.

Dash ran to the another dog and started licking it, while the woman wearing a black tank top and denim shorts holding her was on the phone, unaware of this. Dan ran after Dash and tried to pull him back before something happened. The woman turned around and looked at this. "Hi..I am sorry for....this." Dan shyly spoke, still trying to pull Dash away who was running forward every time he was pulled back.

"Ha no worries." the woman smiled.
"I am Dan. Hi."
"I am Vanessa. Nice t-shirt."

Dan was a wearing a black t-shirt showing off the outline of his pecs and muscles and and he had his dark hair combed back as usual.

"Um..thank you. Your hair looks...beautiful. Good hair day, eh?" Dan responded taking a long glance at her hair and face. Vanessa actually wanted to put her shiny blonde hair into a messy bun, but something felt different that morning, fate maybe, maybe not, and she decided to pull it back into a sexy high ponytail with her tiny purple streaks hanging in front of her face.

"My lucky day, I guess." she mouthed to herself.
"Beg your pardon?"
"Nothing, yeah, just a lucky....good hair...day."
"Oh okay. This is Dash by the way. He is....."
"An extremely horny little fella?" Vanessa laughed.
"Ha yeah you could say that. The cold does something to him."

"Aw so great to her someone share the same opinion on this. Diane always has the same issue. It's like December hits and she gets revved up like a frat guy."

Dan laughs.
"I mean, I can't complain, December doesn't do us any favors too. We wake up in the morning and......"
"And?" Vanessa raises an eyebrow.
"It's so cold that we wanna get ourselves warm. I am sure women feel the same too, right?"
"Yeah I guess."

Dash and Diane start playing with each other and they notice this.

"Well, I guess we have to be here for a bit, for their happiness. At least they get to get some warmth." Dan cheekily giggles looking at them.
"I know."

Dan, politely, but unhesitantly says, "I wish we had a way to get some warmth too, you know?"
Vanessa, visibly pretending to be confused but kinda getting it, "Are you hitting on me?"
"Is it working?"

Vanessa looks back at the dogs. Dan too.

"Looks like they are enjoying their time and they can continue in my apartment." Dan smiles.
"Where do you live?" she asks.
"There." Dan pointing to the 35th floor balcony.

Vanessa nods in assertion and they start walking with their dogs.

"Are you....are you...how are you?" she doubtedly asks.

"What do you mean?" Dan responds grabbing the leash on Dash hard to pull him from running to the trash can.

Vanessa looks at his grip on the leash and his ferocity while pulling it. She adjusts her ponytail and tugs her hair falling on her face behind her ears.
"Never mind, I think I got my answer." she smiles.

"Okay." Dan smiles.

They enter his apartment complex. The lobby looks like the definition of luxury - it's pleasant yellow-orange lighting mixed with the a wood textured walls made it look like it was a vacation stay more than a residential apartment. They enter the elevator that is open, and Dan presses number 35. Vanessa is leaning towards the corner with a imbalanced mix of tension and excitement. She lifts her foot and starts rubbing Dan's lower leg romantically. Dan, pretending to be irked, bends a little and grabs her foot at the ankle, and slowly puts it down. Vanessa is even more confused now, not knowing what to expect.

The lift stops on the 35th floor and they start walking out, along with their dogs. Dan stops at apartment 3502. He puts his hand deep into the pockets of his shorts, that his t-shirt rises a bit, showing off his manly abdomen. Vanessa looks at this, but tries to keep her composure.

As they enter the apartment, Vanessa is blown away. Living in a two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with three other people, however bigger her place was, it always felt small to her. But this was something. The black and white theming made the apartment extremely ambient and the view of the city was something out of google images. The living room was simple with a couple, some lamps, and a giant TV.

Dan lets Dash run into a tiny den like room with food. "Feel free to send Diane too, there is enough food for both of them."
Vanessa coming into her senses a little says, "Umm..sure.", letting go off the leash.

Dan walks to the refrigerator and leaves his keys and some other stuff on top of it. He, slightly horny, adjusts his pants.
Vanessa notices this.

"How big is it?" she shyly asks, with her head down.

Dan takes this as a sign and runs towards her, grabs her shoulders and pins her against the living room wall, right next to the three storey bookshelf. His face, extremely close to hers, with lips almost meeting but not touching.

It takes a second for Vanessa to adjust to the rush of the situation. Laying her back against the wall, she slightly relaxes, looking directly into Dan's razor-sharp eyes.

Dan grabs her hands swiftly and puts them on top of her head, gripping them with one hand. He blows air on her face - a minty fresh breath sends chills down her spine to move away the hairs falling over her face and lips. He leans in, planting a soft kiss on her rose-petal like lips, and when breaking the kiss, he bites her lower lip a little, causing her some noticeable pain.

Vanessa sucks her lower lip into her mouth to check for possible signs of blood, but there isn't anything. She is more courageous now. She, continuing to look him in the eye, whispers, "I thought you were gonna rip me apart." and bites her upper lip, enticingly. She shakes her head, making her ponytail come onto her shoulders - her silky blonde hair lying on her bare, semi-sweaty shoulders.

Dan lets go off her hands from the top of her head and stands still, looking deep into her eyes. He grabs her hair and pulls it to the side, making her neck turn with a crack, and flips her around, with her face now facing the wall. With her hair still in his hands, he grabs it like a leash, and pulls it hard, making Vanessa arch her body into his. He leaps forward and kisses her on the lips, not letting go of the grip, while her hands try to pull his shorts down. Dan noticing this, without letting go off her grip, uses his other hand to pull his shorts down, springing out his semi-erect 6 inch cock. Vanessa, feeling the shorts hit the ground , tries to catch a glimpse of Dan's Dan.

"Are you eager to see it?" Dan asks, with his face close to hers.
"Yes what?"
"Yes please."

He lets go off her hair and she gets down on her knees, with his sprung cock close to her face. She doesn't do anything.

Dan looks at her.

"What?" she responds.
"You know what to do."
"Yeah, I don't want to do it." she says brattily.
"I am sorry, what?"
"Yeah, make me.", she winks at him.

"Oh you naughty little...", he rips her scrunchie off, letting her little over shoulder length hair flail in the air.
He puts his hands over her cheeks and under her hair, grabs it, and pulls her mouth onto his cock, just one thrust, and he lets it be there. Vanessa looks up - her eyes filled with innocent lustfulness.
He leans down, kissing her forehead.
He stands back up again and starts thrusting her head, fucking her mouth like a maniac, with saliva oozing over from the sides and bottom of her mouth. Vanessa was enjoying every minute of this. She didn't know what fate had in mind for today's morning when she went to bed the night before, just thinking about the sexual dissatisfaction from her boyfriend.

After a couple of minutes, he lets her face go, giving her a moment to breathe. She pants and smiles, with one hand on the ground, trying to maintain balance.

She stands up slowly, trying to be still in front on him. "That was a good prelude."
"Thank you."
"What about the rest?"
"Some other day, maybe?" Dan hesitates.
Vanessa confused, "Oh, okay. Sure. Give me your number."

Dan and Vanessa share their numbers and they go to the room where Diane and Dash as playing. They look at them, surprised.

"Okay...so looks like they are getting busy." Vanessa says.
"Oh yeah, maybe we can make the rest today."

Vanessa slams the door.
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