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Santa Claus's son Casper has difficulty with stepping up into the family business.
Midnight on every Christmas Eve it is Casper’s job to help his father Santa Claus to pack up his sleigh.
Except this year on the eve of his 18th birthday he packed a different kind of gift.
Growing up Casper has always resented being a Claus knowing one day he would step into the family business and so, he has been a little
prankster just asking to get into trouble.
His latest stunt landed an Elf in the hospital and left Santa with no choice but to cast Casper out of the North Pole.
“Son what were you thinking. Jelly bean needed stitches” Santa said.

Casper laughed with no remorse.
Full of disappointment Santa sat next to him on his bed.
His tone changed “Son, do you know why we named you Casper”?
Casper shrugged his shoulders.
“It means Treasurer. You son are the keeper of these presents and It would mean the world to me that you are a part of the family business. Helping me deliver all these gifts to the young boys and girls but after today it was the last straw”.
Santa stands up looking down at his son.
“Casper Claus you will pack the sleigh per usual but after that I hear by cast you out son. From now on you will remain on the naughty list until further notice. You will be stripped of your powers and you will not be able to return back to the North Pole.”
This truly broke Santa’s heart and he wiped a tear from his eye before walking away.

In disbelief that his father kicked him out Casper scowled but he lit up when an idea struck him.
“Oh, I will pack up the sleigh with some gifts” he said to himself with a sinister smile.
Casper walked into the work shop and looked around at all the hard working elves making all the toys.
With every sound of chisels and hammers was making him squeamish.
The sound of the lunch bell cleared the room and Casper saw a metal bat twinkle his eye.
He grabbed the bat and wailed at the toys and all the machines in the workshop with no hesitation.
Casper pulled the sleigh up to the workshop and he dragged sacks filled of coal up from the basement packing the sleigh nice and tight.
Some time later with dirt smudged all over his face, hands and clothes Casper very tiredly pulled up the last sack of coal.
He struggled to lift the sack onto the sleigh and pieces of coal rolled out onto the floor.
Casper watched as the coal rolled right up to Jellybean’s feet.

Out of the hospital Jellybean tried to get back to the workshop to finish up making his toys but instead witnessing Casper trying to ruin Christmas.
Casper dropped the sack and grappled Jellybean pushing him down to the basement.
Casper lit a match and threw it into an old fashioned metal fire place which gave the room enough light to reveal Jellybean tied to a pipe.
“Your not going to get away with this. I cannot believe that you want to ruin Christmas. Why Casper why?”
He kneels down to Jellybean’s level “because of you” Casper poked him.
“Father cast me out of the North Pole because you can’t take a joke”.
“You can’t blame me for being irresponsible” Jellybean said.
Casper scoffed.
“Look at me Casper. You are a Claus. Do you understand how respectable that is? Your family line is responsible for all the love, cheer and joy around the world. And yes, it is stressful and I will never forget your father’s first attempt at delivering presents. He was so nervous but in the end there is nothing more magical than seeing children at their happiest moments, because one day they will wake up and not believe in Santa any more.”
Casper cuts him off “And the less kids believe the balance of magic in the world will cease” he said sarcastic.
“I know I have been told that my whole life”.
“And you would want that to happen” Jellybean asked?
Casper breaks his tough guy charade “of course not. I don’t know. I’m just scared to let my dad down let alone the world”.
“your dad will be let down once he discovers that all his gifts were switched out with coal” Jellybean said getting him to realize the error of his ways.
“Oh, my Santa. Your right” Casper said taking a look at his watch “it is almost midnight”.
He quickly untied Jellybean and they ran up to the workshop but by the time they got there Santa Claus’s sleigh had already took flight and all that was left was an echo of “ho, ho, ho” in his wake.

Casper dropped to his knees in guilt “ that’s it. I’m done” he said.
“Not necessarily” Jellybean stated with a smile.
Casper stands up and kicks the snow angrily “oh, yeah. And what do you expect I do because either way I will be caught and it will be bye bye North Pole”.
Jellybean laughs “you’re a Claus. Use your magic to go back in time”.
Casper was bewildered “that is forbidden Jellybean”.
“Are you being whimsy with me right now. Out of all the rules you have broken through out the years this is where you draw the line. Plus it states in Claus Law book Vol. 2. A Claus may travel back in time to prevent a disastrous Christmas”.
Casper appears astounded “You and your positivity. So, what are we waiting for. Let’s get started”.

Jellybean banned together all the other elves to help make more toys.
In a jiffy with a little Christmas spirit and magic they finished before sunrise.
Casper used magical flying powder on a second herd of reindeer from the barn.
When he returned to the workshop the elves had the sleigh packed and ready to go.
“Are you ready Jellybean” he asked?
“You want me to go with you, sir” Jellybean sounded surprised.
“Of course. I can’t do this without you” Casper said.
Jellybean smiled and hopped into the sleigh.
“Remember you have to fly the sleigh backwards around the world three times to travel back in time”.
Casper nodded his head and he pulled on the reigns signaling the reindeer to lift up the sleigh.
Instead of snapping the reins once to go forward he snaps them twice and they take off backwards.
Leaving the elves in jubilee.

On their third time around the world time had reset back to midnight and house by house they continued to follow Santa Claus restoring each present back to their original gift.
Almost done on their way to the last house it began to snow hard and they lost track of Santa through the storm.
“The sun is coming up” Jellybean yelled.
“We need to hurry” Casper added.
The blizzard made it hard to see and as soon as they landed on the roof of the last house they ran into Santa.
Santa Claus had a stern look on his face and Jellybean gulped.
“I know what you did son” he said.
“But how did you know” Casper asked?
Santa smiled “I’m Santa. I know every thing”.
He gives Casper a hand out of the sleigh “and I am so proud you decided to finally take responsibility for your actions”.
Casper was stunned.
“And I think your going to be an amazing Santa Claus one day” he praised his son giving Casper a hand shake.
“You need to get a move on before the kids wake up”.
A ray of sunlight twinkled Casper’s eye.
Santa winked “good job Jellybean”.
Jellybean salutes Santa Claus “all in a days work” he said.
He gets back into his sleigh “see you both back home” he said hovering in the sky.
Caught up in the moment Jellybean had to yell to get his attention “CASPER”.
He swiftly went down the chimney and switched the gift out from under the tree hurrying back to the sleigh.
The sleigh takes flight “now remember to restore time we have to go backwards again. Hopefully I don’t get sick this time” Jellybean adds.
Casper floats up high enough and with the beautiful sun rising behind him he screams
Jellybean looks at him startled.
“I always wanted to say that”.

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