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by Norman
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It's not so common anymore
There’s nothing quite as rare, you know
As good ol’ common sense
'Most all the people that I know
Are really kind of dense

You see them do such stupid things
It makes you want to cry
You have to wonder as you watch
You have to question why

Some people never take a pause
They just don’t stop to think
They go ahead and mess things up
Yeah, faster than a blink

If they had only taken time
To look before a leap
But then they do it anyway
You feel like you could weep

And there are those who know it all
It makes you want to laugh
You wonder how they get through life
When they are really daft

So where is all this common sense
You heard so much about
It’s not so common anymore
Of that there is no doubt

Maybe it was something that
The folks had in the past
When things moved at a slower pace
This world moves much too fast

We don’t have time to stop and think
We fear we’ll fall behind
We move without a conscious thought
We stumble through life blind

That common sense is lost and gone
We’ve chucked it out the door
Like many things our parents had
You won’t see anymore

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