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Short Ghost story

The Shadow

By Roger Kidd

Jerry was walking to fetch his paper. He looked at his shadow when suddenly it was gone.

"What is going on," he thought.

The sun is shining but where is my shadow"

Bemused he continued on his way. He donned his mandatory mask.

He saw the paper on the rack and went to pick it up, but he could only get the headline in his hand.

It said, "Man loses his shadow"

"that is me but how did they know? It only just happened. Something is not right.

He sat on a bench. A gentleman sat beside him with no mask on.

He asked "where is your mask?"

"We never needed them in my day. When an outbreak of disease occurred, they just gave us a jab or a lump of sugar".

Who are you Jerry asked,


"Do I know you?"

"Yes, we were in the RAF together many years ago."

"You are Steve, we were in the Middle."

"I know," he said, "it is not much fun, you are better off living, even with all the restrictions"

"Why have you come back now?" asked Jerry.

"I have not come back. You came to me when you lost your shadow"

" So I am dead?

"No, not yet"

"What do I do then?"

" You need a strong will to live. Just lately you have not? Not being able to see your family and friends."

Jerry started to think of the things to be grateful for.

Suddenly he was awake

"Mr Jones you died of a heart attack, someone saw you and called an Ambulance. The medic managed to revive you.

Jerry then realised that life is worth living, even with all the restrictions, to live each day as if it were his last.

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