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This is a fable, along the lines of Kipling's "Just So Stories"
How the Armadillo Got His Armor

Most people don't know that the armadillo used to be closely related to the porcupine, but many moons ago that changed. Here is how and why it happened.

Father Porcupine and Mother Porcupine had a baby, but alas, they could not hug and cuddle the baby because their sharp quills would hurt him. Mother Porcupine was especially sad.

"I wish I could cuddle my baby like Sister Bear and Sister Wolf."

The Great Spirit in the sky, who sometimes grants our prayers and wishes if they our honorable, heard the mother's plea.

He spoke to Mother Armadillo in these words, "Mother Armadillo I have heard your prayer and I will grant you your desire. What kind of skin would you like to have?"

"Well, I don't want soft skin like Brother Worm. It will be too easy for other creatures to eat me. I don't want furry skin like Sister Beaver because the Creatures that Walk on Two Legs will kill me for my furry pelt. I want skin that is hard, that will protect me from predators and I want my baby and my mate to have the same kind of skin so that we will be a family and always stay together."

So, the Great Spirit granted the mother her prayer. That is how the Armadillo tribe got started and why they have a the armor on the outside of their body. They are not aggressors. They live in peace with other tribes.


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