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As time was born, so was I
I am
The sound shocked me. As I looked around, I realized there was nothing other than me. I must have made that sound. I do not know anything, yet. It's time for me to begin.
"What is me? What am I?" I said, with curiosity.
Curiosity. That is what I will call it. Now that that's done, what else? Sight. I will call it sight, and looking. What will I look like? I concentrate, and a light surrounds my presence. Even I do not know what I look like. I do not know much, yet. Let's see...I should make that sound again. "Hello"
A different sound! I feel...me. I am me. I am real. Am I real?
"Yes, I could not question if I was real if I wasn't"
I will call this a sentence. Perhaps...I will make something.

It has been a long time since I did this, and even I do not know what to call it. I have created what I call time, and I know that a lot of it has passed. There is now something in the void. I call it The Thing. After I created it, I knew somehow that when I touch it, something will begin. What, I do not know. All I know is that there will be something more than me and The Thing, once I touch it. I grow bored, and lonely, and I want to create more.
"If only I wasn't alone. If I was...two, then we could learn more." Concentrating, I try to make a second me. The nimbus of light grows, but there is no consciousness inside of it. I have grown and learned much, but now I have finally found something I can't do. My nimbus wavers as I contemplate my ultimate solitude. The closest I have come to making another me was when I created The Thing. Perhaps, if I touch it, I will finally not be alone. Sending a thin tendril of my illumination out, I touch it.


         As I recover, I look around the void, and I realize that there is no void. A cloud of every color imaginable surrounds me, and in the perfect fulfillness, a new kind of emptiness arises. I am still alone. Why do I exist, if I must be alone? The swirl of colors trembles with my grief, and I wail. I push the colors away, and watch as they race in all directions.

         I'm adding more to this. I think I'll call it an "entry." I've grown a lot more, and I've become rather sophisticated. Ah, yes, back to my story. After the clouds flew apart, I found a way to move among the away. I call it distance, and I think that this new "universe" has substance. Mass. There are things that exist. Big balls of the colors, blazing their bright glory and heat. There is one ball in particular, red, yellow, and white that I've found I like. I've also realized that I created the colors. I don't think I'll make more, because I might destroy what I've created. Concentrating, I create a smaller ball, one of metal and rock, and send it spinning around the ball. I'm going to call the ball a "star." The little thing will be called a "planet." Then I create a second, and a third. I lost myself in my work, making "stars" and "planets."

         Wow! It's such a rush to create! It fills my hours; it completes my soul. But I still wonder if there could be more then just this. I just want someone, anyone to speak to. Now that there's so much mass, I've figured out how to shift my attention from one place to another. It's difficult to explain. I'm everywhere at once, but I still have a focal point. Shifting my focus to the first star I made, I look out over this small solar system. "That one!" I exclaim as I shift to the third planet from the sun. Small, but not too small. Nice and warm, without being stifling. I look closer, viewing it atom by atom. Whoops, too close. I come to a slightly larger viewing mode and I create something. Blue begins to fall from the sky, bringing with it a wet feeling. It feels nice and cool. If only there was someone to share this nice feeling with. The blue thing will be called "water"

         I've finally done it! There are so many creatures around me, and they live! Only, they don't possess the intelligence I have. Of course, they eat and breathe, but I can't talk to them. So I focus my energies and make a being that is slightly closer to being like me. It's a male thing, and it stands upright. I think I'll call him a "human." I take one of his ribs and make a female version of him, standing upright just like him. They look at me, and I can see the intelligence in their eyes. I am finally not alone! Anyway, you know the rest of this story. Our story.
         "Be still..."
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