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Taytum Willows is another one of my OCs I mostly draw or sketch.
Taytum thinks she's a normal kid, but no one else does. Why is this? Taytum suffers from schizophrenia, which means sometimes her brain can hallucinate and allows her see things other people can't see. One day she doesn't take her medicine for her case of schizophrenia and her friend Mr. Bumbles decides to persuade Taytum to stop taking her meds.

Gender: Female

Sexuaity: Bisexual

-Taytum knows she likes girls & boys; doesn't really care

Parents: none; died in house explosion

Siblings: none; died in house explosion

Friends: none

Physical Descriptions:

- Blond Hair; Long

- Brown Skin; Light

- Brown Eyes; Dark

- Dyed Hair; Blond

Strengths: Fighting, improv/coming up with things on the spot

Weaknesses: Her family's death, Mr. Bumbles

One of the things I like about Taytum is that she is always ready to fight. She's very brave and will do anything to anyone who looks down on her or her family.

(Thanks K5Rakitan for suggesting me to put the weaknesses and strengths! Hope this is good)
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