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by Andrew
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A young prodigy's life who took an unexpecting turn...
Looking through the window at the depressing storm, “One more hour..why is this day going so slow? He thought. So much rain. I hope my dad remembers to pick me up.”Right
then the lights flickered in the classroom, In Chicago High, a private school, students can’t afford to waste time day-dreaming. But, hearing a lecture on quantum mechanics would put anyone to sleep. Sitting there thinking about how bored he has reminded him of what his Dad had planned for them that evening. His father was an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, who owned one of the biggest engineering companies in the Chicago metropolitan area. And one day he was going to be the boss ...
...“ Bruce, who was the most influential quantum physicist?” Mr. Clarkson asked. The older man was feared but respected throughout the whole school. The wrinkles on his face showed many years of experience.
Bruce got up. Still half-asleep from daydreaming, he stuttered saying, “Uh..um...It was...Oh! It was Max Planck!, “ confidently said.
-’ Sigh’- “Wrong Bruce. It was Albert Einstein. What were you doing last night instead of the homework? Video games?! Please stay after class. You may be seated.”
Taking this class was unusual for freshmen in high school. Later after class, he spoke with the teacher.
“You know as well as I do, that you can’t afford to flunk this class. To follow your father’s tracks, you must pass! Is that understood? Study! ”, he stated.
“Yes, sir. I will try harder, “ he replied.
Then he headed to the front of the school for pickup. The storm wasn’t letting up at all. And his dad better hurry because they close the doors in thirty minutes. Twenty-eight minutes later, he heard honking then he ran to the door. Standing in front of the door, he saw his dad’s silver Ferrari through the rain pelting the doors.
“Sorry son, I had a meeting that lasted longer than I expected. How was school?” his father inquired, as he got in the car.
“Normal. Nothing different. This rainstorm is getting worse.” he replied.
“The rain is getting worse but hopefully it will stop before the movie ends.” His dad smiled at him with anxious eyes. He could tell his dad wanted to see it just as bad as he did. They had to park three blocks away because of traffic and parking. Cutting it close, they ran into the theater to get out of the drenching rain. Bruce couldn’t wait for the movie to start.
At the end of the two-hour display of action, suspense, and drama, the movie ended. “Wow, what a movie! I thought the villain was going to get caught! I felt bad for the little girl though. She saw her mother get shot down in cold blood.” Bruce commented, hugging his dad. His mother died giving birth to Bruce. "Hey. Want to see the project I'm working on at the lab?' Bruce's father asked.
"Sure!" was the reply.
As they exited the building the smell of fresh rain was still in the air. Bruce held his father's hand as they walked down the street.
"You know what? I know a shortcut. Follow me, Bruce. This will cut the distance in half! "
"Ok," They then proceeded to turn left at a cross street.
'This must be the shortcut he was talking about' Bruce thought. 'Looks a little sketchy'.
To be continued...
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