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My Entry for the dear me 2021 competition for writing.com
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Dear Me,

Right, well first-off, 2020 was a real write-off wasn’t it? That one’s definitely for certain. In between panic buying, lockdowns and more disasters than an apocalypse movie, it was definitely a year that was one to remember for all the wrong reasons. 2020 is a year that everyone will miss like a hole in the head.

Not to mention that it’s a year that I think you’ve wasted. Instead of sticking your head in a book or writing or doing something even remotely productive like washing the dishes or working on changing a duvet cover quicker (personal best as of January 1st 2021: 20 minutes), a great deal of it was spent mindlessly doomscrolling through Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Well, in-between when you were sitting vegging out in front of Netflix or whatever.

So the first goal would be to do stop doing that – or cut it down a good amount in the very least – and maybe spend the time you would’ve been scrolling working on your work-in-progress instead. Or if not that, maybe take up some kind of writing exercises or something. Even if it’s only a couple of words a day or it does turn out to be something that you end up firing in the general direction of the bin, it’s still better than nothing.

What else is there? Ah yes, reading. A grand total of 6 books in the year. Not bad, but could be better. And yes, although one of them was over a thousand pages long, that still doesn’t mean you couldn’t read other books in the meantime. Or at least put a decently-sized dent in that “To-Read” list of yours. You definitely enjoy adding onto it, but have you considered trying to take away from it? That’d be another good suggestion.

And that lockdown weight too. Plenty of movement of the jaws and cake tins in and out of the oven, but not much of the legs, arms or any other body parts for that matter. I mean, there was that phase of protein smoothies and when you actually used that exercise mat; but that ended very shortly afterwards, didn’t it? So it’d maybe be an idea for more walks out and about the town opposed to walks to and from the food cupboard.

Still though, whatever you get up to in 2021, make sure that you take care of yourself and stay safe. Yes, even if the entire “stay at home” thing goes on for the whole year. Be kind to yourself, take care of your mental health, remember to sensibly enjoy some treats every now and then, and be reasonable with any goals or whatever you decide you want to set later on in the year.

So anyway, best of luck from January 1st 2021. And here’s hoping nothing too unreasonable happens between now and December 31st 2021.


P.S: If you see I, tell him I was looking for him, will you?
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