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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2241040
A female security guard who takes a job, @ gets shrunk by her favorite childhood character
My name is Sarah walker, and I am excited for my new job, I get to work maintenance at a place I loved to go to as a kid, circus baby’s circus, well now it’s called parts and services or something, I can’t remember. “Ok so I just head down this elevator and get to work.” I went down then elevated, and I first had to work on ballora, I shocked her with a bitten, and she got MAD?! There alive? Then Funtime Freddy, and foxy jump out the cages alon with valors and they started chasing me, but all of a sudden I got trapped in a corner, and then out of no where, baby saves my life, “why did you save me?” “That’s because I have other plans for you.” “Huh?” Then she knocks me unconscious. I wake up on a wood floor and as I try to run away, a hand (that’s fingernails are like 50 times the size of me) stumbles me back, it was circus baby, she shrunk me, I don’t know how but somehow she's sexy? She was no longer her original animatronic form, instead, she was her but with a sexy female body. “NOW WHERE FO YOU THINK YOUR GOING LITTLE ONE HA HA HA HA HA!” “why did you do this to me?” “BECAUSE, ITS BORING DOWN HERE, WE BARELY HAVE ANY TIME TO HANG WITH ANYONE, AND SO I FIGURED, NOW WILL BE MY CHANCE TO BE A GODDESS BEFORE SOMEONE.” “You're scaring me please don’t hurt me.” When It looks like she’s going to squish me with her gigantic metal finger, she placed it down saying. “DON'T WORRY, I WON'T HURT YOU, I WILL PROTECT YOU, OR SHRINKING YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN FOR NOTHING.” “Ok?” “HOP ON MY FINGER, DON'T WORRY I MADE SURE YOU WERE SMALL ENOUGH TO THE POINT YOU WOULDN'T SLIP OFF.” “Oh thank god.” I climb up onto the massive baby’s finger and she brings me closer to her face, lays down, then places me on her nose. “DONT WORRY I WONT EAT YOU, I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN WITH YOU.” “Ok just tell me what you want me to do.” “FIRST UP, WHAT'S YOUR NAME LITTLE GAL?” “Sarah walker.” “WELL NICE TO MEET YOU SARAH, NAW I WAN YOU TO EXPLORE MY BODY, BECAUSE I HEARD A SIDE EFFECT OF THE SHRINK RAY WAS THAT WHOEVER YOU SHRINK WILL HAVE A GIANTESS FETISH, AND I HAPPENS EVAN WITH WOMEN, WITCH I DIDN'T THINK WAS POSSIBLE.” “Yes baby.” “PLEASE, CALL ME ELIZABETH.” “Ok elizabeth, I guess I’ll explore your body then.” Where should I start? I went up to her skyscraper tall breasts and as I walk up to them, Elizabeth pinch’s me and places me on top of the right boob. The a sound came and it was one of the other animatronics, Elizabeth then placed me inside her cleavage so I wouldn't get spotted? It was ballora “Did you get her?” “No she got to the elevator before I could kill her.” “Elizabeth Aston! You had one job! That was the last guard we were going to have the opportunity to get out of here!” “I’m sorry mom” “think about what you did.” The she closes the door and Elizabeth takes me out of her cleavage and placed me on he finger. “PHEW THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE.” “Why don’t you tell her?” “BECAUSE I DON'T WANT HER TO KNOW ABOUT YOU OR SHELL PROBABLY STEEL YOU FOR HERSELF OR WURSE, KILL YOU, I CAN LET THAT HAPPEN, YOU HAVE BEEN SO NICE TO ME EVAN WHEN I LOOK LIKE A MONSTER.” “Elizabeth, your not a monster.” “THANK YOU SARAH, BUT I THINK IM GOING TO HAVE TO GROW YOU BACK AND SEND YOU OUT SO YOU CAN LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN PEACE.” “No I’m choosing to stay here with you, I insist, and there will be no need for growing me back, I like being small, it’s actually really cool.” “YOU'D REALLY DO THAT FOR ME?” “Yes I would” “THANK YOU.” Then she brings her finger close to her face so she can hug me, sort of. Anyways that’s not the end of this story, it’s only the beginning.
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