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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Experience · #2241041
A girl rubs a genies lamp and the genie is very fond of making wish’s size related.
My name is Sarah walker, I’m an 17 year old girl in queens New York, I live with my mom, and today she had to go to work and sense it was the summer, I had to stay home. “Sweety I’m going to work ok, make sure you eat breakfest.” “Ok mom.” “Oh and also, could you clean that lamp for me, I just got it from the antique store.” “Yeah sure thing mom.” “Ok bye, I love you.” “Love you to” then my mom closed the door and drove off. “Ok before I forget, might polish the lamp so I don’t forget to do it later, and also so that’s done and I can do other stuff.” I walk over to them and after I rubbed it three times, and cloud of blue smoke comes out of the bottle and it turns out to be a female genie. “Why thank you, it was getting hard to breath in there.” “I can see.”
“All right you can make 3 wish’s, rule number 1, I can’t kill anybody, rule number 2, I can’t make anyone fall in love, and that’s all you need to know, anyways make your first wish mistress.” “I wish for more wish’s.” “That is possable, but it works for a prise.” “What?” “You’ll see, do you Accept the terms?” “Yes I accept.” “Allright then, your wish is my command.” Then after the blue clouds circled around me, I blacked out, when I woke up the first thing I see is the house size eye of the genie.
“Holy s**t what did you do to me?” “THE TERMS WERE THAT YOU HAD TO BE REALLY SMALL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, AND NO ONE HAS EVER ACCEPTED TO THE TERMS BEFORE, WHY DID YOU?” “I really don’t know.” “ANYWAY YOU NOW HAVE MORE WISHS WHATS YOU NEXT WISH MISTRESS, OR SHOULD I SAY TINY MISTRESS?”” "Well I would like to be BIGGER, but seeing as I for some reason can't undo this, I might as well wish to be smaller, and live somewhere on your body, or wish you to be a giant, and- oh crap, I just said all that out loud didn't I?” “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND.” After she said that I blacked out, when I woke up, I still had my clothes on but I was standing on something very bouncy, I didint know what is was until the light goes away and I sure around to see an even bigger genie, probably bigger then all the tallest towers combined, at least from my prospective, in hers, she was normal size and I was extremely tiny. “What the hell, hey can you hear me genie?” “YES I CAN HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR, BUT THATS BECAUSE OF MAGIC, QHH YOU LOOK SO CUTE, ANYWAY YOU GAVE ME THREE OPTIONS AND I PUT ALL OF THEM TOGETHER, AND THE RESULT WAS QUITE FACANATING.” “That wasn't my wish, I was just thinking on what to wish.” “WELL THEN MY BAD, ANYWAY, WHATS YOU NEXT WISH MISTRESS?” “I wish to start the wish’s over, back to 3 wish’s and me at normal size.” “VERY WELL, YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND.” Then I was back in my room and my mom said the same things like eat breakfest, and polish the lamp, and like the first time I polished the lamp first, and their was the same genie, she started off the same as last time but I changed things up a little. “Before I make any wish’s, what’s your name?” “My name? My name is mya.” “I’m sarah.” Nice to meet you Sarah, What is your first wish my mistress?” I had to think wisely so what happend last time dose that happen agien. “I wish to be rich.” “Ok then your wish is my command.” Then I blacked out and woke up in a room, not my room, and it definitely wasent my house. Then I see a giant foot come down and I didint know who is was or what is was, I creaked the front door to have a peak and, it was my favorite actress Zendaya. I closed the door quickly, hoping she didint see me, but she did, opened the house, witch was a doll house I just realized, picked me up, broghut me up to her face and she said. “WELL HELLO LITTLE LADY, ITS TIME FOR MY MORNING JOG AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEENS.” I didn’t know so I didint answer, then she she dropped me and I plopped on her sandal, then she put the sandal on. Zendaya went outside with me under her stinky foot and she started her jog. Then mya re appeared and asked “how is the celebrity life?” “What do you think mya, I’m under my favorite actresses foot while she’s jogging.” “I could get you out of that situation, just say how you want to get out of your problem and I get you out, it won’t cost any wish’s.” “Ok um ok can you like, teleport me somewhere else on her like, in her cleavage or something?” “Ok then, here we go.” After she said that I teleported out of under Zendayas foot and into the middle of her clevlage, I don’t know why I thought of that as a way to get out, I could have let mya choose, it’s not like she can’t make her own decisions. Anyways, Zendaya spots me and her cleavage and says. “HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE, UGH IT DOSENT MATTER WERE ALLMOST HOME ANYWAY AND OH IM GOING TO GIVE YOU A PUNISHMINT WHEN WE GET HOME YOU PERVERT, JUST KIDDING, I KNOW YOUR A GIRL, IF YOU WERE A GUY, ID DEFINITLY PUNISH YOU, BUT SINCE YOUR NOT IM GOING TO KEEP YOU IN THERE FOR A BIT CAUSE I KIND OF LIKE YOU IN THERE, YOU LOOK SO CUTE.” “Phew thank god.” Zendaya laughs and then she heads back home, with me in her cleavage.
When we got back to the house Zendaya turns on the tv, with me still in her cleavage. “SO, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO WATCH?” “I don’t know, you choose.” “OK MY LITTLE FRIEND.” She chose to watch the sound of music. “Oh I love this one.” “WHO DOSENT LITTLE ONE?” “Im really not sure.” We both giggle. After the movie zendaya got up and walked over to the kitchen, she then took me out of her cleavage and asked “SO DO YOU WANT SOME LEFTOVERS, I GOT SOME LEFT OVER TACO MEAT, PLUS IM KIND OF LAZY.” “I don’t blame you and yes tacos sound lovely.” “BY THE WAY, I NEVER GOT YOU NAME.” “My names is Sarah.” “THATS A LOVELY NAME.” “Thank you.” Then she boops me with her finger and we both giggle. After a long fun day, we are about to go to sleep. “SO WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP BECAUSE NOW THAT I KNOW YOU BETTER I THINK YOU DESERVE BETTER THEN A DOLL HOUSE.” “I mean it was kinda uncomfortable, you can choose where i sleep, just nowhere like your pussy or ass please.” “OK THEN, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SLEEP IN MY CLEAVLEGE?” “That’s sound good.” “OK THEN THEN, ILL TRY TO BE GENTLE.” Then Zendaya picks me up and places me in her cleavlege. “GOOD NIGHT SARAH.” “Good night Zendaya.” Later, in the middle of the night I appear in a dark room where mya is. “How do you like the celeberty life now?” “It’s amazing, I didint think she’d be this nice.” “Just to remind you, you have 2 more wish’s.” “Oh the wish’s I forgot.” “So what’s your next wish mistress?” “I don’t know if I told you this yet but I kind of have a giantess fetish.” “Oh?” “Yeah and I would like to have one of my wish’s to do somthing with that but I don’t know what?” “want me to choose for you!” “As long if it envolves giantess, ok.” That probably wasent a good idea. “Ok then your wish is my command.” I blacked out again and I woke up, I was still in zendaya's cleavage, but I was way smaller, she was asleep so I sneakily walked out of her cleavage and ran to her hand I see how small I was, I wasnt that small, just when I stand on Zendaya's pinkie finger to me her pinkie is 15 miles long! But it wasn't all bad. Genie gave me some information saying Zendaya is still my friend, so that’s good, to avoid suspicion I walked back into Zendaya's cleavage (a sentence I’d never thought I’d say) and went to sleep. The next day I saw Zendaya's giant face looking over me, it scared me so bad “don’t scare me like that.” “HA HA HA HA, SORRY AND ALSO HOW DID YOU GET EVEN SMALLER?” I couldn’t tell her that I had a genie, so I lied. “I’m not sure, I woke up like this.” “OK LIVING WITH YOU JUST GOT A LOT HARDER.” “No kidding” “STAND STILL, I'M GOING TO PICK YOU UP, ILL BE AS GENTLE AS I CAN BE.” “Ok Zendaya.” Like she said, she uses two of her fingers and plucks me out of her cleavage, and places me on her left palm. “SO I CAN'T CARRY YOU IN MY HAND ALL DAY, ESPECIALLY AT YOUR CURRENT SIZE.” “That’s a good point.” “YOUR TO SMALL TO FIT IN MY CLEAVAGE NOW SO I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT YOU.” “Dont worry, you don’t have to put me anywhere, I’ll be fine staying here, I got first place in my gymnastics class 17 times, I’m pretty sure I can handle some drawers and furniture.” “OK, IF YOUR THAT CONFIDENT ILL JUST LEAVE YOU HERE, IM OFF TO WORK, SEE YOU AT 6:00 OK?” “Ok by Zendaya.” “BYE SARAH.” Then zendaya leaves the house. “Hello mistress, I just wanted to remind you that you have one wish left, and then I’ll move on to someone else, actually, I’ve never found someone else but you who rubbed my lamp, so I might just go to a different time line and let that version of you have a chance, if you like your life here all you got to do is say I am done with my wish’s and I’ll go to another time line, so, what do you say?” “I am done with my wish’s mya, I am happy here with zendaya, even if i am so tiny.” “Ok then, it was nice being with you Sarah.” “You to, go have fun with that other version of me.” Then she teleports away
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