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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2241043
What was meant to be a prank, Gwen gets acsadently shrunk bye her freind Kamala khan
My names Gwen Stacy, but people know me as spider woman, spider Gwen, or ghost spider, and I wanted to ask my crush miles if he like to go out with me, but then suddenly out of know where, a giant foot came crashing down near me making me fall on my butt, I got up and looked and it was ms marvel, super sized “OHH HI GWEN, SORRY BUT THIS GUYS TAKEN.” “Oh come on I was here first.” She then bent over and with two of her fingers plucked me off the ground, I struggled to break free but then she lifted me over her head and she looked up. “BUT DONT WORRY, I HAVE ANOTHER THING YOU CAN DO.” “Then she let go of me and I fell into her cleavlege, for a second I thought she was going to eat me, for some reason I felt powerless agienst her, then she walked away, when I woke up I was still in her cleavlege and it looked like, she was normal sized, did she shrink back down with me still in her cleavlege, I wasent sure if she forgot about me or if she did it on purpose, then I bounce out of her cleavlege, holding on to the first thing I stocked onto, but it wasent pretty, I sticked on to Kamalas finger, and it was Evan bigger then before, it was like 3 miles long, something must have gone wrong, well she seems like the only person I could go ask for help. So I climb up her giant finger and about 30 minutes later I made it to her shoulder, I was exostied, I went up to her ear and said “Kamala.” “WHAT WHOS THERE?” “Look to your shoulder.” She looked to her shoulder and she saw me, she grabbed me with her fingers and placed me on her left palm. “HOW DID YOU GET SO SMALL?” “I don’t know you tell me giantess marvel.” “OH GOD, NO I TOTALY FORGOT, IT WAS ONLY SUPPOST TO BE A PRANK I MIGHT HAVE SHRUNK BACK DOWN WITH YOU STILL IN MY CLEAVLEGE OH NO, NO NO NO NO NO, LOOK GWEN IM SO SORRY I DONT KNOW HOW TO CHANGE YOU BACK.” “Calm down Kamala, I know it was and accadent, now can you grow me back?” “IM NOT SURE, BUT I CANT DO IT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE MY PARENTS ARE EXPECTING ME TO BE IN MY ROOM, WERE GOING TO HAVE TO TRY TOMAROW OK?” “Ok, so where will I be sleeping?” “I DONT KNOW, YOU CAN SLEEP ANYWHERE IN THIS ROOM.” “Cause of my current size, I think it will be safer if I sleep with you, or ok don’t get to excited, on you.” “WAIT ARE YOU SERIUS?” “I meen, I’m not the giant girl in the room right now, seems you should take care of me so, why not.” “YOU WONT REGRET THIS.” “Pretty sure I will.” She places me on her desk and she goes to get changed. She comes out and she’s ready for bed, she gently grabs me, heads to her bed and thinks on where I will sleep, I was kind of getting a little scared. Then their was a knock on the door, it was kammalas mom. She quickly put me in her cleavlege and runs to her computer to look like she’s been on it

(Kamalas prospective)

“Kamala, get off your computer it’s time for bed.” “Just a minute amie.” “How many times do I have to tell you to stop playing that world of crafty craft.” “Mom I tell you this all the time, I write fan fictions.” “Ok but time to stop bed now.” Then my mom slams the door shut. “Phew.” The I head back to my bed.

(Gwens perspective)

Kamala plucks me out of her cleavlege and sets me next to her. “GWEN?” “Yeah?” “SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE AMIE DOSENT LOVE ME.” “What makes you say that?” “WELL I DONT KNOW, SHE TREATS ME LIKE CRAP, FORCES ME TO DO STUFF, AND ITS HARD BALANCING THAT LIFE OUT WITH SCHOOL AND SUPERHEROING, IM JUST A NOBODY TO HER.” I swing up to her shoulder. “Hey, your not a nobody, your a somebody, so what if you think your mom doesn't care about you, cause I know that deep in any parents heart, they still love their children.” “THANKS GWEN, I NEEDED THAT.” “No problom, did you figure out where I’m going to sleep yet?” “I SURE DID.” “Where?” “ILL SHOW YOU.” Kamala the plucks me off the bed and places me in her cleavlege. “Ok I don’t mind this, it’s pretty convey.” “FIRST THING AFTER SCHOOL TOMAROW, WERE GOING TO TRY AND GROW YOU BACK.” “Sounds like a plan, good night Kamala.” “GOOD NIGHT GWEN.” Then we both fall asleep. The next day I wake up in her cleavlege and we are in a parking lot. “OK, IM GOING TO ATTEMPT TO GROW YOU BACK, HOLD ON TIGHT.” She then grows to the size she was yesterday, but I slip out of her cleavlege and I was out of web fluid, so I was falling to my death untill I fell on somthing. And I then realized, it was Kamalas finger, only bigger. She brings me up to her face “What the heck, why am I still super tiny.” “I DONT KNOW, THIS DOSENT MAKE SENSE.” “I have an idea, why don’t we go to nadias lab, she has pym particles, she can probably grow me back.” “THATS A GOOD IDEA, HERE LET ME SET YOU ON THE GROUND WHILE I SHRINK BACK TO NORMAL.” She places me on the ground and shrinks back to her normal height, she then picks me up. “OK, LETS GO PAY NADIA A VISIT.” At Nadias lab, we enter and nadias very happy to see Kamala “KAMALLA, SO NICE TO SEE YOU AGIEN.” “YOU TO.” “EVERYONE THIS KAMALA KHAN.” “HELLO.” “WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE KAMALA?” “I HAVE A “TINY” PROBLOM I NEED YOUR HELP WITH, CAN WE LIKE GO SOMEWHERE PRIVITE?” “SURE.” We head into nadias office. “SO, WHATS THE PROBLOM?” Kamala takes me out of her cleavlege and places me on the desk. “OH MY GOD, IS THAT GWEN?!” “Hey Nadia.” “WHAT THE HECK HAPPEND?” “WELL I WAS PULLING A PRANK ON HER AND I SOMEHOW SHRUBK HER DOWN AND NOW I CANT GET HER TO GROW BACK.” “WELL THIS IS OBIUSLY NOT SCIENCE WE ARE DEALING WITH BUT I HAVE A GROW/SHRINK RAY AND ITS READY TO BE USED.” “Has it been tested?” “DEFINITLY.” “Ok I trust you.” Nadia picks me up and sets me on the pad of the size ray. “OK, GROW MODE ON, GROWING IN 3, 2, 1, NOW.” The beam hits me but something happened I was getting bigger but I stared to get to big, to big that the entire city was 100 times smaller then my pinkie toe, I crushed all of New York City, and it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault!” I scream and I wake up in the middle of the night still in Kamalas cleavlege, Kamala wakes up and sees me frightend “GWEN, WHATS WRONG ITS 12;00 AM?” “Sorry for waking you up Kamala, it was just a stupid nightmare.” “OH REALLY, TELL ME ABOUT IT.” “I crushed all of New York City with my toe because we didint grow me back right.” “MY GOSH, LOOK I PROMISE, TOMORROW, WE WILL FIX YOU RIGHT, AND THEIR WILL BE NO FLAWS LIKE THAT.” “You promice?” “PROMICE.” “Ok.” “DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP ON MY HEAD FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT?” “That will be nice, thanks.” “NO PROBLOM.” Kamala plucks me out of her cleavlege and places me on her forehead, witch I slide down onto her nose, good thing I’m small enough to not slide off her nose, Kamala giggled because she saw me slide down. Then we both went back to sleep. When I woke up I was in Kamalas cleavlege and she was in her suit. “ALLRIGHT GWEN, READY TO GROW BACK.” “Hopefully it works unlike my nightmare.” “ SURE IT WONT, HAMG ON, EMBIGGIN!” And she grew, and I grew with her. I was back to my normal size, she took me out of her cleavlege and she placed me back on the ground. Then kamalla grew back down. “It worked, oh my gosh, thank you. “ “no PROBLOM, sorry for doing that in the first place.” “It’s fine, and if you ever miss me being tiny, you can shrink me back down for a day or 2 if you like, I kind of like being tiny.” “Really, wow, thanks.” “No problom, well gotta swing, see you arrounds marvel.” “You to Ghost Spider.” Then I swung away, while I was swinging through the city, a newspaper flew into my face. I stuck to a building and webbed the newspaper to take a look at it, there was an article about a girl that keeps claiming to have these adventures with being shrunk, her name was Sarah walker, it also said no one believed her, after the adventure I went through, I believed her, I ran through my database to find her, it said she was in a alleyway, it looked like she was cryingher, so I swung over to find her, and mabye help her on adventures, because it seems no one belives either of our story’s. And mabye I can help her. Or mabye, make sure she dosent run into anymore tiny adventures.”

To be countinued in, giantess mania part 1, the teen mega titans.
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