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by Norman
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Entertainment · #2241072
Do you think a harem is a good idea?
It seems there are no harems anymore
Oasis life just isn’t like before
I dream of those old days
And all those wanton ways
But you never hear of harems anymore

You think a harem is a good idea?
It may be fraught with problems, so I hear
I’d have to ask my wife
And maybe risk my life
She may not like the thought of it, I fear

Just think of all the things that we could do
Each day we could try something that is new
If she would take a chance
And let up on her stance
I’d do anything she wanted, wouldn’t you?

I thought of how those harem girls are dressed
They’d heighten my attention, I confess
Those things they wear are sheer
And they don’t wear underwear
They have seven veils or maybe even less

So I walked down to the corner for some beers
Went looking for some lady volunteers
I tried to bring back some
Not one of them would come
They have some other plans for their careers

And so my harem just consists of one
My wife says any more and she is done
She said I don’t need more
I wasn’t really sure
But she was right; we never had more fun

She wears that harem costume that I bought
For that real authentic look that I had sought
That money was well spent
I love our backyard tent
(The zoo won’t miss that camel that I caught)

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