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Do you know who's behind you on the road? Hope it's not a bloke like this driver.

By Stephen A Abell – Sunday 3rd January 2021

Number of words 300

He swerved the car into the fast lane.

“Damn!” He smacked the wheel.

The interview was starting in forty-five minutes, and he was stuck behind a Sunday Driver in a Jag.

“Are you kidding me(?)” Smack, “Come on!”

The speedo registered fifty-miles-per-hour. Looking up, he stomped on the brake as the red lights of the Jaguar flashed on.

“That’s it. Even if I make the interview, I’m gonna find you and kill you.” He retrieved the phone from his breast pocket. Flicked to the camera, and snapped a few pictures of the car licence plate. Checking the inner lane was clear, he pulled out, undertaking the leisurely driver. Resting the phone against his window, he recorded the illegal manoeuvre. Now he had the buggers face. He would find him; he always did. The hunt was his favourite part.

Using his computer skills, he had opened a permanent backdoor into the local police intranet. Being employed in their IT department for a few years had provided him with easy access. The hack granted him liberty to check licence plates and run face recognition. It had supplied him with many hunting pleasures. This time, it would bring vengeance. He could not wait to slit this bloke's throat.

Snapping the phone case shut, he made to replace it. It slipped from his grasp, bounced off his groin, and landed between his feet. Get A Job by The Silhouettes blasted the cabin.

“Damn!” His prospective employers were calling.

Traffic was steady. He reached down. Nearly. Fingers brushed the case. Closer. Got it. He looked up and saw the rear of the stationary lorry.

His eyes flickered open.

“Oh Hell!”

“Exactly,” spoke the kid standing front and centre of a small crowd, “we’ve been expecting you. It’s time you paid for your sins.”

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