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Pockets, the son of Kari and Fingers, training to become a thief, faces uncertainties.
Kari watched as her youngling climbed the tree with trouble. He seemed as unsteady as a human race and her heart sank. She turned to her husband with a begging tone asked a dreadful question. "What am I to do with this young elf of mine?"
He reached out and pulled his wife near him. "He will be fine. You need to believe in him as he feels your doubt and I do not fault you for this. Our first son climbed with the squirrels the day we showed him a tree and you expect the same with Pockets."
Just then the small elf fell from the climb. "Maybe I should just work with the merchants!"
"What do you want?" Kari helped her son from the dirt.
"I want to be a strong warrior thief like the rest of my family."
"Then go!" Kari pointed at the tree insistently.
"I can't!"
Kari walked away. Pockets stood looking at his father for help. "As all else in this life, if you want it, you have to go get it. If you say you cannot then so be it."
Pockets grew angry. “Well, that is no help. How does that get me up the tree?"
He stood alone and thought about how his older brother climbed and how stealthy all the other elves had become. He wondered how they had done it. He took a deep breath and searched inside himself.
Kari turned around to see her young brave elf at the very top of the tree. "Don't look now! You’re on the top Pockets!"
She watched as he scurried back down and landed two feet in the dirt. "How did you do it?"
"I realized that I could do it. I just don't want to." He stepped away from his mother.
"Wait! You are the son of Kari! What do you think it is you will do?" Kari scorned.
"I want to be a healer." He stood looking at his mother looking for understanding and acceptance.
Kari looked down at him and then at her husband. "I am going back to the castle. I expect this will be all forgotten when you both come back. If you cannot bring home an Elf Thief, do not bring him home at all. Give him to the Healers!"
Pockets stood feeling like his being had been stomped upon by the Great Giant. His father speechless guided him to the forest for some alone time.
As they entered the forest, rain fell and made its way down the barks turning the dirt into a muddy mess in an instant. Pockets cleared his face of the rain. "What am I to do father?"
"Your mother has been to war and will not give in to the Pockets. You must find your place now. You must decide if you are one of us or not. You cannot be a Healer in Kari's Thieves Guild. Even as her son. As the rest of the land will have no respect for us and will challenge us again. You must choose and she must thrive."
"I will! I will become the best thief that ever lived in the Guild. If it means saving the rest of us, then I will do what is needed."
Father did not speak again. He nodded his head and walk toward the exit of the forest. Pockets stood alone for some time and he had decided that day. He will give his all to his family. He will show the Guild what he was made of and when he is old enough, he will take it all.
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