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I've gotten a lot of reviews about some of my characters I write about.
a/n - I'm so sorry about the confusion of the character and about the spelling of things, I'm not really good at English pls forgive me. I also hope this clears up some things.

There is only one Space Kid, they are non-binary. I know the way I spelled things and the way I said their pronouns made people think there were more than one.

Instead of writing out 'Space Kid', I say 'Space' because that is what Space Kid's friends call them.

When I shared the character sketch of Taytum Willows, I'm sorry for not putting enough details about the character. If you want I could re-write it and share it again. It's no problem.

In the character sketch of Taytum when I said all her family members died in a house fire, it was because she later finds a new family that accepts her a little more than her old family. But, of course I could change the story a bit.

Again I am sorry for any confusion about the characters.
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