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Space Kid's friend is going on vacation for the holidays and needs Space to house-sit.
"Finally, school is over. Hey Space Ki-" Munch was saying. She got cut off by a text notification from her phone. It was from her mom.

"Oh, cool! I'm going out of town for the holidays!" Munch said aloud.

Space Kid and Munch were getting a few stares as they were on their way out of school. Space Kid was a more quiet person than Munch.

"So, where are you going, Munch? Is it far?" Space Kid wondered. They still wanted to keep in touch with their friend.

"My mom says I'll see when I get there, but I'll try and call you once I get there. And of course, I'll send you a bunch of pictures!" Munch said. Munch knew Space Kid didn't like when she left them or when they were alone.

"Thanks, I don't plan on going anywhere this year. At least, I don't think Effie is taking me anywhere special." Space Kid explained. Effie was Space Kid's guardian. Effie's job was to take care of Space Kid.

"Oh no," Munch whispered with worry in her tone.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" Space Kid asked. They were just about to get onto the bus to head home. Their houses were right across from each other, so they took the same way home.

Right after Munch said, "Oh no," they both stopped and had a worried look on their faces.

"My mom said we had to cancel the trip because we couldn't find anyone to house-sit for us. Man, I was really planning on taking a bunch of pictures."

Space Kid had an idea to cheer Munch up. What if...?

"What if I house-sit for you guys?" Space Kid said. This immediately cheered up Munch.

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Let me tell my mom really qui-... But what about Effie? What will she say?" asked Munch. Munch didn't want her friend to get in trouble for doing something she was supposed to be doing.

"I'm sure she'll be fine with it. After all, I'm helping my best friend! So why not?" Space Kid was happy that their friend appreciated what they were doing.
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