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What would life look like with an eye closed?
The date was 30/04/18.

We ran into a pharmacy for genacote. “Excuse me, ma’am, I am a doctor. Can you pass me genacote immediately? It is an emergency” said my cousin to the pharmacist. On the walls of the pharmacy, I could see pictures of Jesus Christ. They asked us to wait for a moment and took around 10-15 minutes. I could see people praying on the road and the careless pharmacist talking over the phone without giving any concern towards the emergency. The lights in the shop were flickering. A mixed feeling of anger and suspicion of present ideologies made me close my eyes.

The car I was traveling in suddenly stopped and that impact made me open my eyes. My cousin was driving the car and my aunt was sitting behind. I could see a crowd gathering around a small part of the road. We hopped out of the car to investigate the crowd. A girl had a stroke and she was neither able to move nor speak. My aunt and cousin threw their handbags and other items into the air and it landed on my hands. They bore a soul on their lap. “Both of you go to the pharmacy. Make it quick” said my aunt. “We have to buy genacote” said, my cousin. But time was kind of slow at that particular moment. The brightness of the sun made me close my eyes.

I looked at my watch. It was 8:15 PM and the date was 20/04/18. I was walking back home. “Can you please give me some money? I am hungry.” Asked an old man. If I was earning, I would have given it. But it was my father’s money. So, I need to ask him before I even proceed. Basically, I am dependent. I tried explaining my situation. He did not understand my problem. Neither did I understand his. If you are hungry, Will you listen to my excuses for not being able to provide food. The same goes for the old man. But I learned something about life.

“What is wrong with you people! I already told you about the girl’s condition. She is on the road. How much time do you need to give a single piece of a tablet?” asked my cousin to the pharmacists. I opened my eyes. This time I could not only see the picture of Jesus Christ but I saw something else. I turned around to find people helping the girl, catching an auto, talking with the pharmacist, and many more to add. On the walls of the pharmacy, I could find a special solution to all problems.


A Perception can change the way you see a story... A Story can change the way you perceive...
From then on, I never closed my eyes.
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