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Writer's Cramp
"Silence was everywhere that winter. People huddled in their homes, afraid to risk their lives by going out. The few that ventured out did so out of desperation. A need for food, to help an elderly relative, or because they were on the frontline."

"What was it Nanny? A war?" Those innocent eyes looked into mine. She was barely more than a baby when the virus struck.

"No, babe, worse. An unseen enemy. We still don't know where it came from, but it killed millions before we succeeded in defeating it."

"How did we defeat it, Nanny?"

"With the domes. You see, everyone had to be tested, isolated, then tested again before they could enter the domes. So the infection was locked out."

"How did they get everyone in?"

"They didn't. They held a lottery. Only the lucky few got in. And the government ministers of course. You were one of the lucky ones."

"What happened to Mummy and Daddy? Did the virus get them?"

"I don't know, sweety. I haven't had any communication with them." Lara was so brave, growing up in the domes with no family. I tried to speak to her as often as possible but video calling was rationed in the domes. On the outside, I could call anyone who had been unlucky in the lottery; anyone still alive that is.

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