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An offbeat satirical song, to the tune of 'I Kissed A Girl' by Katy Perry.
I Voted Trump (and I liked it)
To the tune of 'I Kissed A Girl' by Katy Perry

I know he has no long-term plan,
He's got no retention.
Thought he had COVID in hand,
It flopped his election.

He's not Desmond Tutu,
Don King would like this Don.
My Persian friends flew here in June...
They're still in detention.

I voted Trump and I liked it,
The scent of his gammon bullshit,
For once I tried not to fight it,
My boyfriend Pedro went batshit.

He rambles on, he's never right,
But Joe Biden's just too white.
I voted Trump and I liked it...
My mind skipped!

Broke casinos and bankrupt planes,
Our prodigal saviour.
You're my experiment in shame -
I'm just like Melania.

The love child of Fox News,
You're your own ego slave.
Lie to confuse the news,
And mess with my brain.

I voted Trump and I liked it,
While wasted on gin and tonic,
You built a wall and they climbed it,
Your comedy capers are magic.

Your toupee's blond, your face is bright,
Don't make you a pretty sight.
You clowned and I didn't buy it,
But I liked it.

Your tax cuts Reagonomical,
No medicare for poor people,
All your tongue slips so risible,
You feebly deny it.
Ain't no big deal, incompetence.

I voted Trump and I liked it,
The stench of your oily frack pits,
Gives Greta Thunberg a whack trip,
Your shoulder devil's behind it.

You stanned Kim Jong and the hard right,
Then ignored black people's plight.
I voted Trump and I liked it...
Cos my mind flipped!

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