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A group of friends leaves for college, but when they come back, all of them had changed
A group of boys had just graduated from high school with big dreams, and all of them had made it into colleges. There were 4 of them, the youngest was Marcus, the next in age was Peter, the second oldest was Andrew, and the oldest was Micheal. The oldest 3 boys would always go into bathrooms and clubs and get high, leaving Marcus behind. I guess in some ways you could say that Marcus just got high on life. He just felt like all his friends were leaving him behind, and he didnĀ“t like that. The boys went off to college and Marcus met another guy that he could be friends with, his new friends' name was Jonathan. Jonathan was only a little bit older than Marcus, so he knew how it felt to get left behind in a friend group. Marcus and Jonathan became good friends and Jonathan helped Marcus with some of the things he had grown to be used to around the older boys.
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