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Rated: 13+ · Letter/Memo · Self Help · #2241328
Response to video
Prompt: Music Video Sober Up by AJR

         No way, Jose. You've got a problem. I'm not going to let you drag me down and bankrupt me and ruin my life just because you've got a "disease". I know it takes strength and willpower to overcome an addiction. But you chose to overdrink or do drugs and allow yourself to become gradually addicted. Nobody can fix that but you.

         People who get sucked into your neediness are called co-dependents. You shirk your duties and expect someone else to bail you out. You want relationships that are all about you, where you don't ever have to care or sacrifice for the other person. You have a million excuses to not care about anyone but yourself.

         I'm not trying to be cruel. I've been there. I've done that. I failed. My alcoholic wrecked my life, his life, and his family. I didn't do him any favors hiding his liquor, driving him to AA meetings, or trying to help him find new jobs. A person who needs to sober up needs to be responsible for him or herself. Nobody else can do it for you.

         So put on your big boy pants and take charge of your own life. Stop prancing around peeping in windows. Exercise instead of drinking. Don't hang out with your drinking buddies. You can't resist them. Cut the grass, take out the trash and stop being a child, expecting someone else to carry the burden.

         I can't help you. I have no room for people who drink to excess or who do drugs in my life.
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