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Daily Flash Fiction 1/6/20 W/C 299


“What’s in it for me?”

Jody looked in the bag. It crumpled as he deflated it into a small red cube.

“Well quite evidently nothing now,” he said.

“You didn’t let me look. How do you know there wasn’t something in there for me?”

“Because it’s empty, dufus.” He threw the bag in the trash.

We ran to the bus.

I was still curious.

“I don’t think that bag was empty.”

“Whatever, go back and look.” Jody looked out the window, ignored me the rest of the trip.

In school, I thought about that bag. I had to find it.

On the trip home I sat next to George.

“Okay George. We need to get off at 5th Street. By the hardware store.”

And there it was, that trash can. I recognized the yellow tag on the side someone slapped on, ‘Harry’s Hamburger’s Here’. They got that right, the trash can is the place for those sliders.
But I didn’t see that bag. Had the trash been emptied? I was looking for a red bag with blue flowers on it.

“What’s so special about this trash can?” George looked over my shoulder as I rooted in the trash.

“Jody threw something away this morning that was meant for me. I need to find it.”

“Good luck now. What is it?”

“I don’t know. But I need to find it. It’s in a red bag with blue flowers on it.”

After about half an hour, no sign of that bag. George and I sat on the curb. Then I saw it. The red bag with blue flowers. Across the street, under a truck.

We raced over, I grabbed the bag. I opened it, there it was.

“Who owns this key?” asked George.

I smiled. Mom would be so glad.

W/C 299
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