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A little hare tries to outrun a pack of hungry wolfs.
The little hare ran through the snowy forest of pine, his tiny feet making rough patterns in the soft snow. The light from the bright moon above illuminated the shadowy sky, just enough that the small hare could see his way through the dark.

The big pack of wolves, with there scratchy matted coats and snarling white teeth, chased the little hare though out the forest of pine. Each wolf had there claws digging into the thick layer of snow beneath them, making it hard for them to all keep a steady pace. They could barley concentrate they were so hungry.

The little hare ran and ran underneath the moon, he started to get cold and tired. The snow was starting to fall at drastic speeds, and the little hare could barley find his way. He swerved around the pines and tried to hide behind rocks, but his sent was to strong. The little hare’s sent is to strong to hide, his only hope now was to run from the pack of big hungry wolves chasing him. The little hare’s black button eyes started to water, witch made it harder to see the twisting roots beneath him. He looked up at the sky, the bright shinning stars gave him hope. The little hair wanted to see daylight again, he wanted to see his mama and papa again, and his siblings as well. He did not want his soul to be trapped in the forest of wolfs, or trapped in the night, alone, forever.

The big wolves are getting angry and impatient that there late night snack is so stubborn and will not give up his life. But the wolves will not stop until they have caught there prey. There stomachs growl just thinking about tearing the little hare up, limb by limb until there stomachs settle themselves. The moon slowly gets covered by a field of muddy Gray clouds, and the forest goes dark. Even the wolves have trouble seeing, but they can still see the movement of the little hare.

The little hare has lost his way due to the darkness, he can no longer see the trees in-front of him. Fear bubbles up in his belly, his eyes water more. But he can feel the snow fall is becoming more rapid by the second. The little hare can almost make out a big cluster of trees to his left. Hopefully that will keep him hidden from the wolves until the moon shines in the sky once again.

The trees shield the little hare, but the wolves will still be able to smell him. He is breathing heavily, it is cold enough to see his breath in the frosty air. He is scared, and will not deny it. He is to young to die, only a kid he is. But the wolves don’t care.

The big wolves are confused that there prey had diapered from sight. The snow fall is to strong to smell the hare, they must look around. They must eat, they have not caught anything all day. Without this little hare, there pups might not make it.

They looked around and could not see the hare, they began to worry. Then they looked up at the dark navy sky and saw the light returning to the world around them. They could see a cluster of trees to there left. But as they approached, they witnessed the little hair making a run for it back in the opposite direction.

The little hair sprinted throughout the pined forest. Within that little amount of time he had to rest, he saved up a lot of energy.

Except the wolves did to, they were right behind the little hair.

The wolves nipped at him, but were unsuccessful at catching him.

There were no small holes in the ground for the little hare to hide in, and the wolves would spot him hiding underneath a tree or by a rock.

The snow was slowing down, and an elegant snowflake landed on top of the little hares nose. The little hair liked how it tickled his already wet nose then melted off onto the ground beneath him.

The little hair then stopped as he saw he was about to run into a tree root. But he was to late…

The big wolves saw as the little hare’s body tumbled over the tree root. The wolves approached him, then circled him so he did not escape. But all the little hair did was lay there in the snow. He was not dead, and he was conscious. But he did not dare to move. One wolf moved in and muzzled him. Nothing happened except a blink of his eyes.

The little hair sat in the snow in pain, the wolves surrounded him. He knew he was dead, there was no chance of survival now. The little hair looked up at the stars, he saw them all dancing around the sky. The stars made the little hare feel happy in his final moments on this planet, he had excepted his fate.

The big wolves pounced on the little hare, ripping him from limb by limb, I bet he tasted delouses.

The big wolves hen left with the little hares body to feed to there starving pups. They were happy with there catch, it was not a big one. But it will make a difference.
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