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Story Concept: A young boy stuck in the body of a young man
It all starts with a young boy named Brian. He's just like any other boy his age, except he sometimes gets stuck in the body of a deceased 21-year-old, Robert. When he is Robert, he is free to do anything without consequence, because Robert is dead. Brian also has to be careful to return Robert to the proper place and everything before his time is up and he switches back to his body. Brian only switches when his body goes to sleep, when he wakes up, he switches back. This obviously causes some problems, because you never know when you're going to wake up.

Just an idea, really loose.

A/N: Brian and Robert is a song by the band Phish that I really like. I'm thinking of turning this into a song-related quick write, inspired by a song and following another. Just an interesting little thing I wanted to point out for myself and anyone else reading this mess.


If you're just staring at your walls
Observing echoing footfalls
From tenants wandering distant halls
Then this one is for you

If children playing all around
To you is noise not pleasant sound
And you'd be lost on the playground
Then this one is for you

All alone the life you lead
A silent diner where you feed
Bow your head pretend to read
This one is for you

Slip past strangers in the street
There's no one that you care to meet
Longing for your TV seat
This one is for you
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